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Really?! Is it just me?

Sure, I can submit a ticket and wait a week for a boilerplate response, or I can ask if there is any universe where this game should be using this much RAM?! My game constantly freezes. I clear ram, play a bit and look! I can’t even exit the game, it’s totally unresponsive. This can’t be normal.

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re having freezing issues, Rachel_R. May I ask for your device information?

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, Android 6.0.1, 2.9 gb internal memory free, 2 gb RAM

Thanks for the information! If possible, I would recommend closing as many background apps you have opened while playing the game and see if that helps. Also, if you’re connected to WiFi, try disabling the mobile network on your device and see if that helps the game run more smoothly.

If you’re still having issues, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at

You haven’t told me whether it’s normal for the game to use that much RAM, which was my actual question.

A previous post has determined that phones with less than 3gb ram will struggle to run this game. iPhone 6 users had bad problems last update, but I personally think it has improved a little.

Well I guess that goes along with the trend toward those with money to spend get advantages. Kind of sucks. I’ve invested so many hours in this game, and I’ll never be able to afford to have a smooth experience if that’s the case.

I don’t think 380MB for a 3d game is a lot. That’s quite normal or even low these days, and it’s mostly because the game engine is quite advanced.
2GB on your device should be enough though, I ran JWA on 1.5GB a while without issues and even 1GB kinda works. I have 2G too now and never have a crash. I think your phone has other issues.
One thing I can tell you though, is that clearing RAM, and manually closing apps in order to “free up space” is the most pointless thing you can do with a phone. Just let the device run its own memory management. When it needs more, it will choose an app to close in the background. This is automated to a very sophisticated level and you shouldn’t bother trying to interfere with it.
You might just have too any apps on your device, or it’s old, or broken.

I noticed an issue with a tablet I had that would not only freeze up, but sometimes would reboot itself when trying to run it on that…it had a bigger screen so I had wanted to use it