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Really level 27?

Seems legit!


I have level 26 Smiloneyms (since end of last week) not in my team though; and just 15 mins ago fought another level 27 and other dinos in the team were level 30s.

If someone really have level 28 overall team with level 27 Smilonemys then I feels like its not so legit. As to me if you can have level 27 smilonemys then you are already spending enough time hunting to have other level 30 dinos.

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Well that’s good to know. I figured with scents broken in parks it would be really difficult. But when I see other easier to make uniques that are only 28

What does the other dinos have to do with how determined this person is with leveling Smilonemys?
As long as the player level is 20, the progression can be just as quick as yours.

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Agreed, only thing to me is when hunting Carbo, I find lots and lots of other epics … I have many 25K+ epics DNA (e.g. T-Rex, Baryonyx, Pternadon etc) and 15K+ for much more (e.g. Darwin, Second, Gypro etc).

Now if all those DNA I don’t want to level other dinos to 30 then its a choice but weird one. So thats why I am thinking that way. If level 27 Smilon needed Carbo is from hunting then player likely will have surplus of other DNAs too.

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Not necessarily. Imagine being in a park all the time in only 1 zone. Sure, you’d get tons of T-rex and Pteranodon too, but not everyone wants vexus and Rex seems to be used in Tryko. And if you’re never out in the weekends, getting Anky and Darwin is rather hard.
Also, Carbo is only a month old, so if you focus solely on that one for a month, in sanctuaries too, you’re not gonna progress the rest that much. Not to level 28 anyway.

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Agreed, I thought wrongly then. My bad.

Not saying he’s not a spoofer though, but it’s not hard enough proof :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whenever someone has a high level Smilo with other easy-to-build dinos that are not very high level (like Thor), it makes me wonder… I guess the turtle is easier to hunt than Tarbo. Makes sense.


Maybe the person didn’t start that long ago and doesn’t have an infinite supply of sino, but is playing very much and got the team up to that level in a short time.
It’s hard to say for sure it’s a spoofer. Benefit of the doubt?

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I don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt. They have stuff on there that requires some work too. That is not a new account.

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I have a similar team, roughly around 27. I could have spent just as much time as NiceGuy the last month to farm Carbo and get it to 26 too. This wouldn’t have made the rest of my team 30 all of a sudden, as I never see any L2 or L4 spawns were I hunt. Tarbo doesn’t spawn at day time when farming Carbo, maybe this person has an evening/night job.
You cannot simply draw this conclusion, even though it seems likely.

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I find more Tarbo during the day than at night. I see it all day long because i pass gas stations all day. I can hunt enough for 2 Thor fuses a day just from daytime hunting. I built my Thor from daytime Tarbo spawns because i rarely hunt at night anymore.

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I just opened my map right now and there’s one standing there at Taco Bell. Too easy.

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Thanks for helping prove my point. It’s ridiculous but Ludia has messed this game up so bad and decimated the player base. They are willing to overlook

I have 12 lvl 30 dinos AND I have yet to create Smilo (eventhough my turtle is lvl 20 since yesterday). 200 turtle dna per fuse is crazy.

I don’t have a single tarbo in the whole area here. No taco bells, no McDonalds, just barbers and supermarkets and car repair shops. Different country, we don’t go out for dinner as much.

You don’t have gas stations there? I see them at gas stations almost every time i go by one. I don’t know if that’s a nest but they spawn there all the time.

Only the manned ones, they count as a restaurant or so, the ones here are all unmanned :slight_smile: Self service!
There is maybe 2 tarbo spots in the area. I rarely pass them and it’s not always there.
Like i said, different country. I remember a few months back some people seeing tons of velociraptor during day time. Screenshots and everything. I never ever saw even one. Spawns are not always alike.
Just like now with the new map issues. For me the whole city is pretty much the same, other people see a 50-75% drop in points. Why is that?

I don’t recall gas stations being a nest location for tarbo. I thought tarbo was just restaurants.

Though right now, all nests and park spawns seem to be completely blown up.