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Really level 27?

Ah yes. If a gas station is also geotagged on google as a food stop, it would get tarbo.

Well you can keep believing that Carbo is easier to hunt than Tarbo if that helps your argument. Its not gonna change my mind though.

It’s not lol, hell no :slight_smile: I have lots of tarbo but that’s because I do actually get out of my zone and also hunt at night. But I still only have thor at 28.
Like I said, i could hunt non stop for carbo in the parks here for a month, and then i would not encounter many thors.
Sadly, my parks seem cursed, I only saw one once.
My office however, that just turned into a massive park and I found one without even looking today. The baker around the corner turned into a tarbo spawning nest, but the beauty salon suddenly stopped giving out monos.

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