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Really lucky on my T Rexes

I just got 8 rexes complete,I purchased 2 of them,3 from last weeks events and 1 from winning the battle stage for it,1 from yesterday’s rarity rumble,1 from today’s battle buildup,so I got all the T Rexes I needed to max one for really cheap,only payed 7500 dna overall for the dinos. I will not max it,but I will certainly use 2 level 30s. That will help me combat in Predator league. I am really hoping that this works out well.


And I get Unaysaurus 3 times in a row…

I also got 6 trexes from card packs… and from arena
Now im wondering if i buy another two…

Send me a screenshot of your current lineup.

Well are u talking to Me… ?

Yes…I’ll try to determine if you should max out your T rex.

Get 2 of them to level 30,do not max them out,if your team is not yet high,get 4 level 20s. A Maxed T Rex is never anything more than a mistake,this is personally my opinion. If you max a T Rex,immediately hybridize it ,cause Indominus has slightly lesser ferocity,and a shorter cooldown. Unless Velociraptor is not yet maxed. 2 Level 30 T Rexes are really good for Predator.

That was what I used to get in my previous account,Unaysaueus and Prionosuchus all the time.

Prionosuchus isn’t all that bad, you can make Priotrodon. Unayrhynchus is not good however.

He might have better creatures than a max T rex. In that case, having a lvl 40 is better than having 2 lvl 30s.

Well,certainly could be the case,but mostly not wise if he accounts for Cooldown,Indominus Rex has a way shorter cooldown at level 10 in comparison to a level 40 t Rex,so it’s a win win.

Keep in mind, if you grind PvP, L40 T-Rex gets Expert Spins and L10 I-Rex is only Advanced.

PvP modded, both get Elite spins.

Elite vs Expert?

When you win in PvP and PvP modded, the level of the prizes have names and different rewards. Those are the highest.

And in PvP modded, elite has no coins!

Okay,I am tired of coins in PVP wheels,because it would be nice if they were in larger quantities,my highest amount of coins I ever won are literally 33000 in a prize wheel,in a advanced wheel,I won 8000 coins.