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Really ludia fix battles

Huge problems with the battles are stupid like cancelling a battle doesn’t work.
Speed ties when decreased speed.
Example: Carbonemys speed reduced to 52 and diplodocus speed reduced to 52 and says diplodocus is faster.
Woolly rhino
Lag/ Bugs

Seriously please fix these problems and make battling way better.

Also come up with your problems

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When a Dino has a higher level it’s faster

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It was the tournament and they were both 26 so that makes no sense

don’t they have different resistances?

Yes they do and they both have the speed Decrease resisted to 50% perhaps I don’t know

Diplodocus base speed (104) is higher than Carbo (103).

Oh maybe that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:

I love in that how @Stygionyx1 just put woolly rhino. It’s true tho.

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