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Really? Ludia, it's Christmas!

A year ago for Christmas you gave us legendary and unique creatures, and above all you called the event x-mas, not a “winter holiday”. I mean, this week is ok, but you just can’t even compare it to other holiday events. Christmas is much more important than e.g. Halloween, whereas you totally ignored it. Last week you gave us a cutie event for no reason, so why on such an important occasion as Christmas, you can’t give us at least one attempt to the legendary or unique Cenozoic creatures (like Mammotherium or Monolorhino)
If you can still change it, then please do so


It’s Christmas, the time of greed?
Just be happy with what you got, geez. This week is great! We just got a unique last week and tons of other useful creatures, and this week Megaloceros and nice epics. I couldn’t ask for more.
Besides, I don’t even want a week full of events, because I (and others) might not be able to play every day and miss out on great stuff.


I’m okay with this.


Well, let‘s see…Unique and Legendary last week. This week, we‘ll have three epic strikes, chests, new exclusive creatures (deer, mammoth, rhino), mammoth strike and useful creatures like Elasmo, Kelenken, Smilo, …

Yes, I definitely agree, terrible week, complaining is definitely appropriate! What a waste of a Christmas week, horrible!


Oh and there‘s a gap between the available creatures and the strike events so I do kinda expect an Unique surprise…:thinking:

And just in case someone might misunderstand my previous post…I LOVE the upcoming week, looks awesome!!! :heart::heart::heart_eyes:

So plz don‘t change Ludia, just like u did with the featured Tenonto when u removed it due to „balance“…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just asking for a legendary and unique can lead to way more disappointment. They could give us alanky and stygidarec and it wouldbt improve the event.

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Forgive and forget, which is appropriate for Christmas. Tenonto is useless anyway :slight_smile:
Frohe Weinachten!

Why don‘t we just wait? I kinda think that we will get Uniques or something special cuz there is an empty gap that is not on other weekly events charts.
I could be totally wrong tho, but I will wait before I start to complain. :rofl::smiley:

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Winter holiday sounds like a generic placeholder name :snowflake:

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This is the post I will cite when I say that the playerbase cannot be pleased. We literally got an amazing week last week, with an attempt on ardonto AND maxima, and you complain about no legendary or unique attempts… Phenomenal.


Uhhh no. Your the most ungrateful person I’ve seen. Look at all these epic strikes, and attempts on creatures that are elusive and can’t be found in the wild! Wow how dare they!

Plus we don’t need an attempt on a cenozoic legend/unique, seriously. We just had a go at darting ardonto and maxima. Why would we need to dart all the countless legendaries and uniques? Stop complaining, and be grateful for this great week.


All out on Bambi on Wednesday


The war on Christmas rages on.

Nah, I’ll dart them Thursday and Friday. It’s Christmas Day on Wednesday.

You cant please everyone.

  1. We just had an event that gave us chances to dart a legendary and a unique. We are getting chances at the new cezonic ingredients. There should be a bit of a grind for new stuff. There are also 3 gold epic strikes, 1 of witch guarentees the mammoth.
  2. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. There are a variety of holidays during the winter months, so the name for the theme fits.
  3. As it is the holiday season, we should be spending time with our loved ones rather than worrying about darting virtual dinos.
  4. There are gaps in the schedule, so maybe a special secret event there.

It’s ridiculous how some people can never be pleased.


hunting deer while eating turkey


Oh yea, that diloracherius will taste delicious :yum:

I haven’t said that this event is bad. Rares are good this week and epics are great. The problem is just that in Christmas week (one of the most important weeks in a year) there aren’t any legendary or unique creatures. Don’t argue that we had them in previous week. Previous week is previous week. Christmas week is now.
I just wanna Christmas week to be as great as other special weeks in every way

@anon91521914 posted this in another thread.
So… this could be why.