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Really LUDIA why the super high DNA costs.?

This post is in regards to the staggering high cost of some dinosaurs when it comes to using their DNA to fuse them into hybrids. As we all know it costs a certain amount of dinosaur dna to fuse any of the hybrid version of any dinosaur but particular ones can cost an absolute truckload of dna to either level up or to even fuse them into hybrids.!.
A prime example of this is the ** STIGYDARYX ** to get this unique dinosaur you have to use dna from both the Darwezopteryx & the Stigymoloch but here is the punch in the gut / the kick in the teeth while the Darwezopteryx only requires that you use only 250 dna from it the real kick in the teeth comes with the Stigymoloch. you have to use a mind shattering 10,000 dna per fuse to try and get enough dna to finally acquire the Stigydaryx unique dinosaur.!. taking into account the sheer maths of it all while you would only need something like 30,000 to 35,000 Darwezopteryx dna gaining the Stigydaryx you would need a staggering 680,000 to 895,000 Stigymoloch dna before you could get the Stigydaryx eventually. plus the awful thing is after going through the absolute nightmare of gaining the Stigydaryx you will find that your efforts after all that hard work basically amount to nothing / zero / nil / nada / zilch.!.
Why you ask? its simple the powers / abilities of the Stigydaryx are so lame it is all but completely useless in battle because it gets mangled quicker than you can blink by the META MONSTERS lurking in the shadows of the battle arenas just waiting for the golden opportunity to grind this unique dinosaur into the dust… permanently…
The same can be said for the normal black Indoraptor ( generation 1 ) you also have to use a staggering 10,000 normal velociraptor dna per fuse to get it which makes yet another unique dinosaur almost totally null and void in a game where it should be able to run riot slaughtering opponents like they were grass to be mowed down.!. The picture below says it all check it out to see what i am talking about and pass comments on what you think about the ridiculously high dna costs of certain dinosaurs when you have to use their dna to fuse for hybrids. :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

The pic shows a multi fuse feature, it counts in multiples of 5. Single fuse is 2000 stygi dna I think. Still not a small amt by any means tho.


It is just a normal fuse times 5, 20, 100, or 250. In Stigydaryx stygimolyc gen 2 costs either 2,000, 10,000, 200,000, or 500,000. While Darwezopteryx costs either 50, 250, 1,000, 5,000, or 25,000

It’s only 2000 per fuse which is not a lot for a common. I can understand the frustration for Stygimoloch G2 as it’s not in the wild. But still anyone playing the game for a decent amount of time should have tons of its DNA by now.


Pfft… Stygi is awesome. The best part is that everyone thinks it is useless so it’s easy to beg DNA for Stygimoloch II. My Stygi is currently my highest level Dino by a margin (also it is cool).

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So people can work for goals.

It’s a long term game that needs benchmarks for different peoples ability to progress.
What would be reasonable to you may be ridiculously easy for others.
I’m currently working on unlocking Spinoconstricter while the rest of my alliance is like “You aint got that yet?”
No gripes here, I need a goal.
If they made it where I could get all the dinos in a month they would lose a lot of people like me that have made this game part of their daily routine.
It doesn’t really have to be useful to be a goal.


Yeah, that’s a multifuse. Lmao. And either way, uniques aren’t meant to be easy to unlock.


The problem is that you only have 4,331 DNA. I can’t seem to give mine away.

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That’s a multi fuse. A regular fuse on any unique is 50 legendary dna, 200 epic dna, 500 rare dna, or 2000 common

Stigidarax isnt useless. Its quite annoying. Its weakness lies in anything immune to DOT and swap prevention. The 2 users of StigyDa i faced quite often are pretty skilled with swapping it in.

The high DNA costs moght be due to you a per 5.fuse.instead.of a.per.fuse

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If it were as easy as you would like, how long would you remain engaged?

Make lemonade with the lemons, like the rest of us do. I have L30s that have no business existing. Useful in tournaments for sure. Makes the game more entertaining.


I disagree with these numbers to get to level 30
You would need only about 300000 Stigmoloch gen 2 DNA
You would need only about 165,000 Hatzegopteryx DNA
You would need only about 16,500 Darwinopterus DNA
This is based on an average of 22.25 DNA per combine.

Stygi DNA should be easy to get from your alliance mates who’re at a higher level. I know this is not the case for many players and it is pretty hard grinding for epic DNA. Getting some of the uniques is indeed an “absolute nightmare”. However if the dinos were easy to get, unlocking them wouldn’t be as rewarding, and then they’d have to rebalance the coin gains too…

I do not mind grinding to get the uniques at all but when it comes to the staggering DNA costs
as you get higher in levels that is where the real bite comes in and to make it worse try getting over * 19 x 10 dna’s * in a row then a couple of 20’s dna, a 30 dna then crunchhhhhhhhhh yet another string of 14 straight 10 x dna fuses… that really bites especially when you need an ever increasing amount of dna once you hit the LV20 & upwards barrier. :pleading_face: :thinking: :pleading_face: