Really Ludia?!

So I just wasted $200… Scrolled to the bottom of the store page and clicked buy on the spot where the Scent of Claws bundle was, was getting dressed and didn’t realize until after I had clicked, that the bundle and the scent switched places?! So instead of a nice bundle for $220, I got 1 scent for $200… Why would you switch their places?! I know I should have paid better attention, but seriously?!

We need screenshots of what you got, “cute Dino’s” just doesn’t give us much to go on.

Thanks for the warning.

Haven’t used that scent yet, but 1st scent this morning was 1 Delta and a crap ton of Stego and Apatosaurus… Hoping to get some actual good stuff like Darcorex or even Sino. With the Halloween scents there was always a couple of the rare per scent…

Well I can tell you it is far inferior to the Halloween scents. I used this one while moving, 1 Delta, 2 Charlie and the rest were Stego and Apatosaurus, usually in 2s. 1 Stego would pop and 1 Apato. They really shouldn’t have used very common dinos, I know Stego spawn has been nerfed, but at least Halloween had 3 commons that only popped up at certain times. And the rares were useful!