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Collect 645 epic dna in a daily mission! You truly hate the players of this game don’t you!


It is a bad daily mission for sure. You can try and fuse dinos (edmontoguano, posti, … any other epic hybrid)


Thanx for the tip I did not think of that


I felt really lucky yesterday that I ran across 2 epics. Many days I see none or if I do, I’m in work and they are out of range.

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Wait until you see the new epic DNA alliance mission…

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image What do we need 10,000

Are they pooping me( changed from the S word) 80,000


But remember, epic hybrid fusing counts too. You can definitely get the dailies with that easy, and it’s the only way to hit 80k as an Alliance. Fear not, SD has your back on this one brother :handshake:


@Rolybert where did your reply go? Got me talking to myself over here :joy:

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I added a jaw dropping picture to it lol

The filter stopped it! Not dirty or anything! Lol


It hit my inbox, so I saw it in time. Assumed it was disappeared because of the word poop. Wouldn’t have been surprised :man_facepalming:t2:

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You just used the same word :joy::joy:! I think it may have been a copyright thing!


We’re going to be getting our epic incubators from the tourney, plus the epics from the stroke towers, so it’s definitely doable for our alliance… @Raven, told you that you could fuse in the alliance chat, but you probably missed it…


Well Meme you were correct! Sand Dunes will get the 5 level!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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How come I’ve never had this as a daily? For me it’s only ~1350 rares and ~3500 commons or so


The 645 epics doesn’t happen often. I had it several days ago for the first time and hasn’t returned since. If you’re lucky an epic strike tower is active somewhere. Otherwise just fuse an epic dino that you would’ve needed to anyway.


Yes; yes I was. You’re welcome.

I could’ve never done this without me :point_up::sunglasses:

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Good thing I read this post @MementoMori! Just collected! Thanks for single-handedly beating this challenge!

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Yes, sir. Happy to put the “i” in “Win” anytime I can

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There is no I in Meme or team or seam or gene! However there is an I in I’m as well as indigo and Indiana which I am Not from! Btw what is high in the middle and round on both ends! Wrong it’s not Ohio it’s me!!!

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Yep, that’s what I had to do…