Really need help with my team

I don’t know why but I can’t seem to get above 3700



                          Here's my team

Honestly, there’s nothing you can really do for the time being.

But what you should be doing is focusing on leveling up that Skoolasaurus and getting Tryostronix so that you can start getting in on the Apexes, namely Hadros and Ceramagnus, as well as level up your Skoona. You’ll still be a long ways off of trying for the other Apexes (especially Gorgotrebex, but there are still some carry strats available for the others, although you’ll need to find three other players with very specific creatures at very specific stats)

Beyond that, keep plugging away at getting your Epics and Legendaries up to lvl 15 and 20 to start unlocking the Uniques. Then come back and let’s see what you have available.

Should I try to unlock more legendaries now or should I aim for unlocking uniques…
By unique I mostly mean Scorpius rex gen 3…

Aim for whichever Unique has the hybrid ingredients that are the easiest for you to get, then focus on the meta-relevant creatures.

Maybe use diplodocus and replace pteraquetzal

I’m not the best at team building, but I would say to level up you erilikagama to level 17 (if you can) and then it will be around your average team level and probably use it instead of pteraquetzal because it’s not that good if it’s not boosted, keep leveling it up though so that you can hopefully get Quetzorion soon which is pretty good boosted

Remove Pteraquetzal and place Diplodocus. Remove Allosinosaurus and place Velociraptor or Erlikogamma.

Allosino is really helpful though,raptor really isn’t good and I might think about switching pteraquetzal for erlikogamma…

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If your not gonna get rid of monomimus I would get rid of pteraquetzal for diplo

Remove Pteraquetzal for Thyla. Level up Thyla.

I am slowly slowly working toward a 20 thyla for raids but it’s slow progress…

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I will not remove monomimus because I love using it and I’ve boosted it 1 in everything…

Guys I’ve unlocked tryo and tyranolopho…
So far I’ve switched pteraquetzal for tryo and it’s doing OK…
It’s basically used to take down tanks like ardontosaur and mammotherium but I feel like tyranolopho is more versatile and can be used in many other situations…

Tryo is actually much more versatile than tyranolopho. There’s a reason you don’t see tyranoloph in the Aviary and up but you’ll still run into Tryo. Tryo is also one of the most important raid dinos period. I only used tyrano to level up Tenonto and that’s it. I never once used it in the arena.

My opinion is that Procerathomimus is way better than Monomimus