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Really no point in doing scent strikes


It seems that Everytime I do a scent strike that is not themed I get a regular or large scent… There shouldn’t be a best odds on scent strikes, I don’t care if they’re made a little harder, but regular and large scents should be removed from the pool. They don’t stack and we get plenty from stops and free incubators, so they end up going to waste and we win nothing. Make it rare and epics, possibly throw in themed scents as low odds, but the common scents need to go.


So the reason we shouldn’t get normal scents is that you don’t use them?

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It will never be good odds. I got an epic on my first scent strike and none since and one blue scent since they started strike towers. At least they give us them often so we can at least use scents without needing to pay for the common ones.
If you are tired of getting the common scents just buy the rare / epic ones from the shop. That’s what ludia wants you to do.


still counts towards battles so its atleast worth that. i dont argue with free stuff and have gotten 2 epics so far so ill keep completing them.


I do use them, but they come from so many different places that fighting for a regular scent is a waste of time. But they should stack past 2 per.


They do stack past 2 per. Buy some :joy:


My biggest problem was that the whole way home from town today I didn’t see a single tower, but there was one down the street so I had to go out further to get it, just to end up with a large scent on 2 devices… it’s annoying.


Yeah?! So buy some and then go spin and tell me how many you get…


If u buy two 5 packs of common scents u wont need ur 2 daily free will you


Or just play more often and ull always have room to collect ur free ones everyday


The problem is that All I get are Majungasaurus, so what’s the point in using them Everytime I get them? And yes those stack bc you’re spending cash on them, but the ones from stops and incubators don’t stack. I play plenty, I just don’t sit here running incubators to get dinos that pop up everywhere.


I use mine at night if i get majunga i ignore them but i normally always get atleast 1 vrap or tarbo and you can never have to much vrap or tarbo. Sometimes i get lucky and get a kapro or sino out of one… so ill take as many as i can get.


I’ve used large scents before and got nothing but Majunga, it’s real depressing to sit there for 20 mins and get nothing useful.


In the morning, at dusk, and near parks your results may vary.


Scents are brilliant, I use every single one I get and never waste them. It at least does something to counter the abysmal spawn rate in the game. I often get rare/epic dinos from common scents so can’t conplain.

I now have 60,000 marjungasaurus DNA ready for when marjungasuchus gets a better hybrid. #DartAllDinos


I’m not saying they’re not great, but the strikes shouldn’t be a best odds things. You should be able to fight for the scent it shows, even if they have to make it harder of a fight to get better scents. I use my scents, used all of them except 1 winter last night, but jownim down to 20 darts til I go spin. Which is why I don’t use them a lot at night bc I don’t want to have to spend cash on darts to replenish.


I’ve gotten Kentro multiple times from a common scent in the last few weeks. As well as Dilo. Just use them and you won’t have an issue with them maxing out. I use them at home if i forget to use them while I’m driving around. They seem to pull a decent amount of rares for me.



I save the last 6-hour free one of the day and do not open it. I also have two other 3-hour that are done and ready to open when I put a scent on at night. I fill up on darts before going home and when I put a scent on I have in reserve the 30 darts from the 6-hour and the two other incubators.

Pop open a scent and dart away. Just make sure to open the 6-hour before you doze off so you have 30 more for first thing in the morning plus your 8-hour. If the scent is done and I am not tired I can do a few battles to fill the two open slots from the 3-hours I opened for the darts.


Sounds like it would be much easier if you just had a stop on your house like I do! :blush:
I can use a scent and use all my darts and be full darts ready to use another scent in an hour :grin:

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Oh I have stops at my house just in a inconvenient place. It is just outside my circle, and I have to walk to the road in the middle of the yard to spin it. If only they’d move it to my side of the street and not the field across from me. Pretty certain my son and I are the only players around.