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Really rubbing it in now with the scents disabled in parks. Turtle incubator next?


A turtle incubator WILL happen before the park fix. Mark my words, because I know Ludia.


Words marked.

People are gonna buy it too. Of course they’ll make all kinds of posts about how it’s such a low move from Ludia. And then they’ll buy it anyways, further ensuring Ludia it was the right move for them.

Mark my words, because I know people :smiley:


Compared to scents, buying this thing takes no physical work and it’s a guarantee you get what they say is in it. I’d rather they restore scents. At least you have to walk a lot and be lucky to find tenonto and other stuff.

Paying $20 for 200 dna is ridiculous. A level 20 free player can score that amount or close to it with one close range encounter of the turtle. But no doubt it would be a hot commodity, I’m sure.

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They could, if they have the luck of finding it. I’ve seen 3 so far, only managed to dart 2.

This post has me lost where’s the turtle incubator and what does this have to do with parks?

They’re currently selling Tenontosaurus incubator. Tenonto is a park spawn. Park spawns can no longer be attracted by scents.
Next they might bring a turtle incubator for sale, as several others theorized.