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Really? Scent of claws


Got this from a free incubator and a large scent too?

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Yeah, they still seem to be giving them out. For me its still a tiny chance at Sino appearing so not complaining.

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I bought a bunch, still have a few.

No complaints on those.


Got 2 of them recently… no complaints :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t mind getting them occasionally. Better than getting another Large Scent. I barely have time to do one Large Scent daily let alone two and when Large Scents are coming out of the battle incubators and supply drops and I have no space for them I’d much rather get something other than a Large Scent from the Scent Strike Towers.


Had a couple - great for Stego; assume they will disappear when the next update drops


Yeah I had a couple of them too…
Scent of CLAWS.
I only get delta and the rest are stegosaurs lol


I’ve gotten 13 stegos from that scent once- granted I was at a park
by a police station, haha.


Good luck peeps!