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Really stupid move Ludia

Issue resolved no more unwanted comments needed


before boosts you still couldnt beat them…

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Not sure what you mean. With my boosts 1.0 team I could take down indo in two hits and the other would be no problem. In 1.0 I won all masters first try

That’s not the point is it?
When you have something that was hard earned and it gave you an opportunity to win these types of strikes, then it’s taken away, it’s bound to be a problem for you isn’t it?


That’s my point exactly. I enjoyed the game and played more because Ludia gave me the ability to win these battles

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i beat it sorry that you couldnt.


It just takes strategy now is all. You have to think of how to defeat them. Here is a user that beat today’s tower using 2 – Level 10, 1, level 11 and one level 19.


at what point is there an advanced level to this game??

Thanks for that. The video and the encouragement lol. It just sucks for all the players that now out of nowhere have to think outside of the current team box because boosts forced us to use all of the same creatures all the time.

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thats what i miss!! the strategy.


@Pepito_Aie an his video’s have always helped me get through them. I’ve lost a few, but I can live with that.


Thank you again to mention me :slight_smile: would love to find strategy with lower lvl dinos but I dont have that much time to think about it ^^’


It looks like our strike guides might become relevant again haha. We’ll try to include low level strategy in them as well to help out players. Here is ours for today. I think we are planning on updating the format to include more strategy based planning. We stopped doing it with Boosts 1.0 because it honestly wasn’t as necessary.


Yeah; I was always confused why the strike themselves stayed at relatively the same level they were before boosts came out. I’m sure lots of people breezed thru them thanks solely to boosts.

I’m happy that strat guides are back in business!!


So are we! :grin:

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All this has me feeling quite nostalgic. The forums used to be more about helping others and offering support so maybe once the dust settles from 2.0 things here will be more enjoyable for everyone.


Ok it took some hard cash I had saved up but it’s not like I am going to buy boosts with it anymore lol.

He is my team Level 18 Thylaco, level 19 Alankylo, level 21 Erlido and because no humans were involved a level 22 Rat

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I think we might actually see more people levelling the rat just for these situations. I don’t use mine on my team anymore, but I have never been opposed to using it on towers haha.


Ya, watch I’ll level him to 30 and they will finally nerf him right after lol