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Really? Tenonto is parkspawn now


Wow this is … !!!


L1 was nerfed
L2 was nerfed
L3 got a small buff
L4 was nerfed
Parks spawns were buffed, but most parks are barren
L5 doesnt care it seems

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Park should get deleat from this game…


well if there is no park (and so many good dinos there) why would you buy scents? sad because I don’t have parks around me and will not buy epic/rare scents to maybe find what I need if I ever go to a “park”.
They did some good things this update (in terms of gameplay-supply drops reach) but sad that it seems: money>player


Well I use scents but without a park near you can’t

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I just don’t get it who is so obsessed with parks in that company :smiley:

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Yeah it’s so lame hanging around parks catching Dino’s with children running around playing and getting weird looks by confused parents wondering why an adult is spending so much time on their phone in a park! Pretty sure the people who play this game aren’t children, especially with the pricing so I don’t understand why we forced into awkward social situation just to unlock/power our uniques up!?!