Really tired of all the nerfs

Just a rant to ludia about how tired I am getting of all these nerfs.
This game should be fun to turn on and see multipule interesting stuff around. It’s location based after all and you still need to walk out of your house to go get it. Instead it seems to be encouraging people to drive around rather then walk just for the chance to see maybe one epic after driving around the city. If that’s what people want to do( and obviously have done by having LVL 30 dinos already) then let them do that. Don’t punish the people that want to turn the game on and go for a 5 block walk. Now as a walker not only are there less proxy spawns there is less variety of spawns and some stops around my house disappeared/moved and there is a lot less park spawns and even event supply drops seem reduced.
Nice try ludia saying you guys increased park spawns/drops. It’s worse than before even though there is supposed to be more Dino’s than ever that are now park spawns?? Then why not have increased spawns and supply drops in parks?
This game should be incouraging people to walk and play and so far all I see is the opposite. Being that it’s winter now I won’t be driving just to play a game. I’d rather walk and play still but so far im not seeing it.
But then again a guess it’s just about business and not what the people actually want so why am I even saying this rant.
Please up your game ludia. The best will always be at the games maximum capacity. Doesn’t mean you need to make it harder for the free to play and more casual players just to try and increase profit.