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Really weird Battle bug or something!


So I just fought a match. I started off with my Magna in case they brought out an Indomonus. Well the other guy brought out a Stegod, so I took one hit and switched to my Thor. The other player seemed to be afk at that point bc my Thor was able to kill him fine as he kept using SS. So I am slowed my last bite on Stegod, he pulls out Spinotasuchus next and I hope that he uses regular attack, again he seen Afk, but my Thor gets to attack 1st and kills him, then I finish off his Indomonus and win. I’m not complaining at all, a wins a win, but in what reality should my Thor have been able to go before his Spino, and it was a DSR, not an instant charge. It’s really weird and if it would’ve happened to me, I’d been livid! Anyone else see bugs like this? Or notice that there is sometimes now a small delay between animations and the buttons popping up? Which has cost me a couple fights because same speed, same level dinos died because my buttons don’t pop up directly after an attack animation so the other person gets their attack in first.


That’s not a bug, it’s a game mechanic.
Swapping counts as a battle action, that’s why you went first.
Or because your game was bugged, and he attacked, but it didn’t show on your screen.


No, it wasn’t a swap in, it was replacing a dead dino with next up. And I had such low hesth that even a strike from his Spino would’ve almost surely killed me, but I took no damage. I just attacked 1st for some weird reason.


Probably a bug that didn’t show you Spino’s move, nor the HP taken from you… Happens a lot unfortunately


I still don’t understand what happened.


I was fighting a match, opponent went afk or disconnected or something and I was using Thor, killed his Stegod, but was slowed from SS, next dino he brought out was Spino, and instead of his dino attacking 1st and possibly killing me, Thor sttacked first, DSR, and killed it. Couldn’t figure out why my 109 slowed dino attached his 129 first. It was weird.


Oh! Thx for telling me! Basically, SS works for 1 turn, so if he died after using it, you went first!
Hope that helps!:grin:


I understand that, but he was basically spamming SS so his Stegod attacked 1st used SS, which would slow my Thor for the next round, I killed Stegod, then he brought out Spinotasuchus. Tbh the SS doesn’t really come into effect because however it played out Spino is 20 points faster than Thor.


But Spino is way faster than Thor.


When did I say that?


So I seemed to have run into this again. Was fightung a battle for my son, lower level, and it came down to 2v2 I had a Suchotator and he had a Paramoloch. Come in at same time, I use lethal wound after he uses strike. I figured I’d have maybe just enough health to survive a stunner, so I clicked SS to slow him, BUT I attacked 1st, with the slower dino, and slowed him and wound killed him. Not sure if it’s a bug with lethal wound or not but…


Are you positive this is actually what happened and animations wherent just skipped… ive been running into times where there is a slight stutter on my screen… then my turn plays out. And it looks like my opponent never attack until i see im missing a chunk of health… its not something ive ever experienced till recently but i noticed in a match where i was using a fresh thor and my opponent was faster… but the animation played out that i attacked and he died without him ever attacking. Then i noticed my thor was no longer at full health.
Since then it happens atleast a few times over the course of a day.


No both times I lost no health at all.