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Really wish there was more strategy

Involved in battles. Losing to players that simply attack, employ no strategy because they don’t have to, as their team is comprised of over powered characters, is really unenjoyable.

Same goes for my team although I always utilize strategy if able.

These latest batch of characters, which many players don’t have or more importantly aren’t selected into battle, with the steady barrage of death wards is such nonsense.

Hard to believe what the developers were thinking.

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wait till you fight a group where you have cori and pikel and so does the other team. its like if the groups were 4 halbenet vs 4 halbernet, just one rez after another. No strategy other than doing max damage and hoping rez doesnt go off. its a terrible mechanic and rez really needs a limit of once per battle.

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It’s a pay to win game, what does anyone expect? If you want a fair strategy game go and play chess.

That would be a funny matchup, to experience ONCE.
War of attrition :joy:

You must have misread our posts, as your comment makes no sense.

Any further rebuke would have me banned.:crazy_face:


normal matches at the top last maybe 3 rounds or so. since cori has been introduced i have had multiple matches end up in people dying in fire due to constant rezzing on both sides. its really absurd and a mechanic that needs changed.

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She truly is waaaaaaay over the top.

And her other abilities are equally crazy.

During one fight while protected with death ward, each of my opponent’s characters got to attack 3 times, it was absurd, laughable but absurd…

She’s silly. I have started to tank with her when I don’t have a taunter in squad. Give everyone fortune and move to the center buffing herself and 2 other toons hoping to give herself counter attack. While fortune is still on attack their taunter with her silver hand weap to steal their taunt and force them to kill her to reset buffs. Stealing a Tommus taunt counter attack is epic. Especially if they have a Cori in squad that just buffed thier Tommus with a fury or deathward. They have to attack mine. And she counter attacks back and steals whatever buffs they had. If she steals a taunt+block or counter attacks and steals every other toons +AC buff that their Tommus just handed out she gets super tanky. Gnome Sorceress Tank who woulda thunk…

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Overpowered characters = people have paid $$$ to pump their characters up or paid for Premium Toons that non paying players don’t have easy access to.

The fact that people can pay to easily defeat non-paying players (those who don’t have several hundreds hours to crawl grind their teams up the honest way). Eliminating any real need for strategy in the game these days, as you and other have pointed out. There was previously a strategic element in game, but it has now been ruined.

It isn’t hard to believe what the developers were thinking, but because I’m so eloquent in the way that I describe what is going on I cannot mention it, lest I face another 24 hour banhammer and give Ludia staff hurt feelings :rofl:

Coriolis’ R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S abilities have nothing to do with pay to play… strike 2.

One more try and then I’m bannig you.

Yes they do, a large number of non pay to play players don’t have Cor because they haven’t bought her outright or didn’t have the required high number of gems to get her through the rigged PvP event to unlock her.

Come on then ban me :wink: - thinking you are the bees-knees.

Man, @Orloch would definitely have something interesting and intelligent to say re: strategy.

But please Orloch don’t you just came back.
I think the new thing is…

I’d comment further but :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

True, I remember beating Orloch in what I recall as a fairly strategic battle. Those fights are worth the price of admission.

While never a big fan of PvP, duels between reasonably comparable armies were the battles I enjoyed most. It was from such battles that many strategies were refined. It is unfortunate the add-on heroes have such divergent strengths; some overpowering, while others are feeble. This has mooted the impact of strategy.

It seems the random nature of party assembly now has an overwhelming impact on results. There is not much one can do now when their collection of unfavorable heroes is pitted against a comparable opponent’s best heroes. The divergence between weak and strong heroes now seems to vast to overcome.

Although I find this unfavorable, perhaps I am in the minority. Other players may prefer the way this has evolved.

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