I have way too much of this one common. Anyone got any reason why I keep getting just Tany for common?


Tany is a really good dino though :man_shrugging:t3:


Tany had the potential to be quite a good little fighter. Its also the only “common” counter for the indoraptor because of its speed.


You want this mine is level 19 and I’ll be levelling it as much as I can :joy: she’s serving me well in Jurassic Ruins


Lived off of my Tany for a long time. Great for battles


I guess I’m just paranoid that I’ll need it for a hybrid in a future update, plus I’m saving as much coins as I can. Is Tany really that good though?


I’m in the same boat got loads of dna for it but I’m hoping for a hybrid at some stage… She is a great dino tho


She’s an indoraptor slayer :joy:


Must admit im not happy to see this one show up on the battlefield at all on the enemy side.
It is one fast and hard hitting little biter. It is as nasty as a raptor, and its nullify is like a tactical nuke!
I am usually pretty happy to recieve some DNA and always dart them. Altough im not using one currently i might in the future.


Nowadays tany is so rare as a T-Rex gen 2, while T-Rex gen 2 is as common as a tany😵