I have had 4 tries at indomnus and got 10 everytime… I’m done… How in the world people have indoraptor, erlidominus etc is beyond me… How do you get that much T-Rex dna…


Incubators is where I got most of mine!

Don’t hate me cause I’m a P2P :joy:

Btw I am miles from indoraptor! I finally have a 20 indominus but now need 6000 raptor just to even begin the grind for indoraptor!


You can get 6000 raptor DNA in a few nights of grinding it out. The Raptors are all over here between 10pm and 3am. I would like to add I am done getting Charlie DNA because she is worthless in Arena 8 even at level 22


Not where I am

I get 1 maybe 2 a day and at 100 DNA (cause I suck at darting) it will take a while


From last night… I rarely have to leave my home since they like to spawn in my neighborhood


I got really lucky creating IR, needing only 5 fusions. Since then it’s been a solid 10 everytime I fuse. :frowning:️. But on the other hand I am doing well fusing my Monostegotops :blush:.


Damn I’m struggling, I done 1 fusion of stiggy and para for paramoloch and got a huge 90, I got a few 10 for stegodeus but not a lot… I keep bumping into IR in battles and get demolished but it always dodges my attacks and gets the crit alot


@ZombieRex if I ship you my phone :iphone: would that be cheating??!! I could take a vacation where you are! BTW where are you!! :joy::joy::joy:

It would be cheaper and more fun to go on a trip around the US to collect DNA than buying endless incubators that gives me nothing needed!

With my Tesla and supercharger I literally can drive any where in the USA for free!

Too late this year but next year lookout


You might be a JWA Addict if… the real reason you go on vacation is to collect JWA DNA :joy:

I live in a small rural town in California. You know, one of those towns people always complain about because they never get good dinos


Oops we hijacked the ops post lol


I would rationalize it that I am really going to see new places! It just so happens to have good dinosaurs there!

Believe it or not I was planning on going on a 1 month summer travel trip long before JWA! The Tesla model S can actually be like a camper for 1 or 2 people! I just don’t want to go alone! Not much fun in that

Next June I may embark on a cross country trek from S Florida to California and back!


Sorry OP I forgot what it was!


Back on topic!

They really need to eliminate the 10 and 20 fuse amounts in the higher level hybrids


Hahah, this inspires a new thread I think! :joy::joy:


Took me a month to fuse mine 10s most off the time, few 20s .
Good luck to you tho hopeful dose not take that long


You start it! I can think of at least 5 things​:+1::+1:


I made it… you might be a JWA Addict IF…


Monostegotops… exactly… Monolophosaurus (and a lot of it) is the only thing that is stopping me from unlocking it, and I never seen Monolopho in the wild :cry:
I have no clue how people are managing to unlock and level up some of the high end hybrids like Diorajasaurus, where I barely unlocked Rajasaurus and even Rajakylosaurus looks like mission impossible to me.

Yes, yes, I know, incubators: if you have enough money you spend £10k on them and wish for best, I get it, only what’s the fun in that?


I don’t see many raptors at night but they’re literally everywhere during the day. Not just at my house, but across my whole (1 hour one way) commute. I just figured they changed the spawn mechanics.


Managed to get 90 from one fuse on this guy last night :heart_eyes: