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Rearranging the schedule

Accommodate me!

Joking aside (sort of), what about the idea of condensing the 7-day event week into Monday-Friday, with Saturday and Sunday having the week’s events reactivated if incomplete for anyone who missed it?

That way anyone whose schedule and mobility (coughlikemecough) is limited and/or compromised can experience everything the week might have to offer. Everyone who isn’t affected by similar limitations wouldn’t lose anything, and might even gain a shot on the weekend at something they were too busy for during the week, and those of us who’d love to grab what’s on the weekend but can’t can have a shot during the week?

Chances used would remain the same on incubators and featured creatures but it’d be friendlier to some of us. Thoughts?

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I like this idea… however i fear it would be really hard to reliably getting what you want on the weekend with everytging spawning at once… ludia would need to redo their event spawn system… but they should do that anyway.