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Reason for a BOT Arena

So I play a primary account of level 22 to 26 dino’s and have a second account that I strictly play only level 10 dino’s.

The problem with both team levels in PvP is I’m always playing against the same dino’s all the time.

A BOT arena could at least be a place to battle against a bigger variety of dino’s. It can also have the 10 arenas that you work your way up in. When ever you win, the next BOT team gets one level higher. When you loose, the next BOT team gets one level lower.

The only other way to get people to play the different dino’s is to reward people for each different dino that fights in PvP. So every day as each different dino is used you get say 5 green bucks for each different dino. This way people will be willing to switch in different dinos up at their team level to get them in battle for the extra cash even if it means losing some games.

As it is, battling gets repetitive because we all play our highest and best dino’s over and over. There is no reason not to unless we get so bored we need a change that bad we put in funky dino’s just to mess around for a while and drop a few hundred trophy’s.

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Still hoping for that idea of a tournament with only rares or only epics.