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Reason for arena unbalance?

Look at the below information:

  • Cunning creature’s abilities: Distraction, Dodge, Critical Reduction, Attack Increase Removal, Speed Increase, and Critical Increase Removal. (7 abilities)
  • Resilient creature’s abilities: Speed Reduction, Shields, Vulnerability, Dodge and Cloak Removal, Speed Increase removal, Precision (precision is mostly resilient), Stunning and Healing. (8 abilities. Dodge and Cloak Removal does two things at once so you could say that it’s 9)
  • Fierce creature’s abilities: Attack increase, Critical increase, Armor Piercing, Defense Shattering, Rending, DoT (6 abilities)

Does anyone see anything wrong here?
There are far too many resilient abilities. Also, Resilient strike/impact/rampage perform 4 abilities (let’s not include cleansing here), cunning strike/impact/rampage also perform 4 while fierce moves perform 1! Just 1 (defense shattering)! We need more balance to this.

Next the distribution of some fierce moves like rend and bleed are too less. Also, the thing about fierce abilities is that you can’t have too many of them on one move as you can’t have bleed, rend, and defense shattering in one move. I really don’t know what you could do here but please fix this.

Lastly, there are over a hundred resilient creatures while there are few cunning and fierce creatures.

So what happens? Pure fierce creatures become nearly useless, which removes the purpose of cunning creatures and hence we see mainly resilient creatures dominating the arena.


  • Increase the number of fierce and cunning creatures
  • Increase the number of fierce abilities
  • Increase the distribution of ferocity, rend, and bleed
  • Make fierce creatures immune to speed decrease (I know what you are going to say just read the rest and you will see), stuns, and vulnerability
  • Make cunning creatures immune to DoT and 50% resistant to rend
  • Make resilient creatures immune to distraction and critical removal.
  • Make fierce creatures faster than resilient creatures but slower than cunning creatures.
  • Make sure that resilient creatures and fierce creatures can’t have more than 10 speed boosts
  • Make sure that resilient creatures and cunning creatures can’t have more than 10 attack boosts
  • Make sure that fierce creatures and cunning creatures can’t have more than 10 health boosts
  • Make dodge 100% chance to dodge (resilient creature’s bypass or remove dodge anyway).
  • Give fierce creatures the equivalent of Instant Invincibility(resilient) and Instant distraction(cunning). It could probably be instant ferocity with “increase damage 100% for the next turn” (cunnings will remove it anyway).
  • Since we have long invincibility, give some cunning creatures long distraction and give some fierce creatures long ferocity (like in the above line).
  • Make fierce-resilient creatures slower than fierce creatures but faster than resilient creatures
  • Make resilient-cunning creatures the same speed as fierce creatures
  • make cunning-fierce creatures faster than fierce creatures but slower than cunning creatures
  • Make sure no cunning creature is immune to deceleration, stuns, or vulnerability
  • Make sure no resilient creature is immune to bleed or rend
  • Make sure no fierce creatures are immune to distraction, critical removal.

I guess that’s it! (I have a bad memory so I may edit some more in later)
So what do you guys think about this? Should this be implemented?

  • Yes this should be implemented in the game
  • Yes it should be implemented, but with some refinements
  • Only a few points from here need to be implemented
  • No this should not be implemented

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Anyway, write your suggestions down below!
Also if anyone has an idea about what should be done about fierce-resilient, cunning-fierce, resilient-cunning, and wildcard creatures please write it too!

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Maybe giving only Fierce creatures the ability to counter attack. Or simply take it away from Resilient only and let Fierce and Cunning keep it. But maybe Fierce does more damage on the counters. That’s the only thing I can think of. (By the way I love the idea of long Ferocity, especially on Tryostronix as it dies too quick most of the time. If it can’t be a swap-in feature again then it could at the very least last longer.)

Idea to Fix this Issue:
Also, imagine if Freeze was added to the game where Fierce creatures could do a big Rampage or a Strike, but Impacts only would freeze an opponent from performing a certain move at random and lock it under a two turn cooldown. So no it’s not a stunning of the actual dinosaur under a different name, but is completely random which makes it fair and freezes just one move. It could freeze a strike and screw you or freeze a rampage and spare you. Also during a freeze the opponent’s dinosaur becomes locked down for two turns as well or what would be the point?

I think the real reason can be answered with this photo


I don’t know if you’re talking about boost or if you’re pointing up at me… I didn’t do it. I didn’t cause this. And I swear I don’t know Amber.

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I was answering the thread title, must have accidentally clicked ‘reply’ to you, my bad.

I was messing around. You guys are fun at this hour. I like it when things calm down around here.

Boosts only cause large Imbalances when their is a boost disadvantage between two players. When boosts like levels are equal it’s more about how their applied and less over comming in sheer stats. Other then that it really just adds to imbalances already there.

The problem with fierce is there isn’t a ton of pure fierce options compared to say resilient… just looking at chompers we use to have 3 viable pure chompers… then they removed Thor’s rampage… turned tryo into a raid buffer. And made tenoto a wild card. So even if they were in a great spot there still wouldn’t be a lot of them. Mortem will help some once he is on ladder more.

But what really hurts fierce is the resilient fierce Dino’s that can output fierce damage… they beat a lot of cunning and beat a lot of fierce Dino’s cause they can maintain speed control… Id like to see fierce attack cleanse slows and maybe increase their base speed in a few cases.

If chompers were always faster then tanks but slower then speedsters I think they would be in a better place. By just giving them a way to cleanse slow it doesn’t give anything more to magna and mono. Cause most fierce with speed immunity are pretty strong right now. That way speedsters would still be faster and able to distract. And if there are less resilient variants running around cloak variant and distracting becomes more valuable.

New Idea:
You know what you just gave me an idea. Imagine if speed only counted within your own category? Meaning your speed number only had value if your opponent’s dinosaur had the same exact type So Indoraptor facing off against Indoraptor Gen 2 would see the numbers on speed matter to decide who goes first, but when it is a different type the type that beats the other type gets the right of way on speed during the first encounter only regardless of what the speed numbers are. That way it gets first encounter advantage even if a Trykosaurus has 110 speed and an Ardentismaxima has 120 speed. You could even keep it permanently that speed can only matter within types and type vs type will always be whatever type beats whatever maintains speed advantage. That way each swap is like drawing in rock, papper, scissors for real. You can do it either way, first encounter or permanent.

That could be interesting could change the way the game is played out… even just making it so each class has a certain place of speed so speed still has a place.

Like cunning-cunning fierce-cunning resilient- fierce- fierce resilient- resilient. Kinda torn on putting cunning resilient before or after fierce. This way indo could be faster then max regardless of Max’s speed. But between indos stats would still matter.

Speed creates a lot of problems… speed tie system… different speed boost metas dependent on arenas. And even some matchups are determined only by speed. And the way I look at it tanks should be slower then fierce and fierce should be slower then cunning.

Resilient Dino’s could be given more shielding attacks to offset the ability of not being able to slow cunning… but fierce still shatters the shields.

What about wildcards? They are the only things which don’t seem to fit in properly :confused:

Ludia logic
Lets make jwtg full of carnivore/chomper/fierce and have no herbivores

And in another game let’s make all resilient/herbivores/tank and all the fierce creatures will be trash

And the next game we will make others better (cunning/wild/speed) very good and the rest bad

And me here
Can’t you just add all the creatures in one game and make it balance I don’t want to play a
Herbivores word alive
Carnivore world the game
Others world (something)
I want a game with
Jurassic world the balance game

Honestly it could be based on their heritage… but the whole wildcard class is kinda dumb… cause like some don’t really seem to be wild card at all like monostego… he’s literally a resilient cunning Dino that can’t remove cloaks. Naur and carno would need classified… but naur is resil/cunning and carno is fierce/resili


That system already exists, for example if a Gen 2 Indominus faces the other Indominus and both have the same speed, the unique creature has priority over the epic in that case or if it was a legendary and it has the same speed as well.
Another example with the same speed a rare creature has priority over a common creature.

i dont think that is what he meant…

also just fyi indominus (speed=107) and indominus gen 2 (speed=108) can’t have the same speed.

why does this sound like an issue we had with Indo Gen 2 in the past? Sounds so very similar. An ability that does multiple actions is now in contention. Smh

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Example in case of a speed tie, a unique creature takes precedence against a legendary creature, a legendary takes priority over an epic, and so on.

Yes but what he was talking about is that no matter how fast you boost a fierce creature it will not be faster than a cunning creature

In this case the problem of the arena is the increases as has always been said, and a sprinter is always going to take the lead against a ferocious creature in equal conditions.

but when a player in lower aviary gets matched with someone several hundred trophies higher… its not equal conditions, is it?

like for me i have faced indominuses and sarcorixises at 136+speed and the fastest creature in my team is my quetzorion which is 134 speed