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Reason for the Stunner Nerf & Immune Buff

Over the last months, I acquired a good 100 dinos to be level 15 &16 and have the ability to make all kinds of themed teams. I know what types are weak and what types are strong.

One of the theme types that were very strong when I wanted to win more than lose was to put together a “Stunning Team”. When every team member has a 75% chance to stun your opponent, you get a rather high advantage over your opponent when for the most part all their team can be stunned.
I had the disadvantage almost all the time as so many players had a boosted Sinoceratops and Einiasuchus. With all my dino’s I had to have decent counters that I would play.

Immune creatures would make good counters but most are just too weak. It’s nice they are going to get a little more bite and/or hit points. We’ll see how balanced this is when I play one account against another in friendly challenges… Stunners against the immune.