Reason number 4631865 why I love Monostego

Seriously. Distraction move is everything



How do you tackle against Tryko with Monostego?

I always use Distraction first. Then stun then distract. In this case, they did ID turn 1 when I did distract so I did distract 2nd turn and since they used a priority move, they were double distracted and had 0 damage. Usually they don’t use ID until turn 2 though and that’s when I stun so they are stun locked and I get a free hit or swap. It’s glorious.


This way the Tryko does not get much damage.
T1: Tyko ID, Monostego Distraction, Tryko takes 0.1x damage (minus armour), Monostego takes 0.5x counter attack (minus armour)
T2: Monostego Distraction, Tryko any move, Tryko takes 1x damage (minus armour)
T3: Tryko ID, Monostego GSI, Tryko takes 0.5x1.5=0.75x damage (minus armour), Tryko stunned
Altogether Tryko takes 1.85x damage (minus armour).
Can this cycle go on without using Nullifying Impact or Slowing Impact, and kill Tryko?

Trykosaurus’s priority skills are now his weakness, the fault of a basic blow XD


Hey @Piere87! That double distract by the Distraction move (which is supposed to be for only one turn) is awesome! I ran that scenario through the sim and sure enough, 0 damage is taken by Mono, so the sim is working even on advanced scenarios. I should probably dig for more of those as I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of very cool (but also non-obvious) move combos in there.

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That would be awesome! I love finding things like this. Kind of like the secret to Sarcorixis’ success against Thor that you found. Unusual move combos can really throw people off as well and help you gain some advantage in a match.

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With stun it’s tricky if it fails. I took down Tryko with Monostego using only Distraction. Opponent cycled ID and DSR 3 times, didn’t get to DSR fourth time.

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The guy I played apparently learned the first time and didn’t bother to DSR the second time when they realized they would be double distracted again. So I forced the swap.

I’m gonna need to see the full list.

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Tryko wins 100% against monostego. The only chance for monostego is if tryko wants to save as much hp as possible. That’s why tryko is never an optimal opener.


Reasons #1-4631864: he’s so awesome he doesn’t need a reason :smile:


That’s interesting and surprising. If Tryko doesn’t use ID and only use its DS attacks every turn, Monostego may die.

Hey @TeaRekz! The results I’ve seen with the sim is that Mono wins almost all of the time vs Tryko so I’m really interested in your alternate perspective (both out of curiosity and also to make sure I didn’t miss something with the sim AI). What would be the first few moves that would lead to a probable Tryko win?

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My Monostego just killed a slower Indo. Then came Tryko. Only one Distracted Counter got through.

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and do not forget that monostegotops is a beautiful guardian angel in front of dracoceratops: armor, stunning and slowing down, just a bad calculation is enough or that the horned rat lover despairs so that monostegotops will release all his prehistoric fury on him

Monostegotops has never left my team ever since I created her. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If Tryko is faster at the start I’d still be worried. Mono has to use slowdown as the first move.

The same can be achieved with Blue against Tryko if you keep switching between
Precise pounce (& 50% damage reduction) and Distraction (& 50% damage reduction) and if Tryko uses ID in between.

Pyrritator can achieve it too.

What the… :astonished: You’re actually right, on the beta level tryko won’t make it to the 4th hit. I solely base off my own experience that losing to monostego in a h2h fight has yet to happen. By any chance is it because the addition of boosts? Will it differ the outcome if both have say, lv30, tier6 health and attack?