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Reasonable idea to improve TOM

Just half the amount of battles needed but double the gem buy in. You make the same amount of money and people are more likely to participate if they dont have to spend 5 hours to win 50 battles


Excellent proposal @herpderp, I agree 100%. :+1:

Although I avoid these events, I have often wondered why I have not seen others make this or similar suggestions.

I’ve suggested this in the app reviews.

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They don’t care just about how much money you spend. They also want you to spend as much time as possible playing. More importantly, they need you to play as many battles as possible. The more battles you play, the easiest it is for them to find good matches for other players.

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@EconProf, interesting perspective, however I would like to further suggest a few points.

Many players, myself included avoid these foolish events altogether. We do not play at all, and provide no matches for other players. I regularly only play in Battle Mode. So, since they do not have enough players in the Event (because they take too long) they match Battle Mode players against Event Mode, with the varied algorithms giving the Battle Mode player a very significant advantage. This results in more loses for event players which makes the events take even longer.

In fact, the events take so long I can easily farm enough resources to buy many Legendary Items. By way of experiment this is a list of what I farmed over 5 hours of gaming. While spending 25,200 gold I received 1286 Common Items = 6430 gold; 5267 Rare Items = 26350 gold; 130 Epic Items = 65000 gold; 68170 gold pieces and 2063 gems. This provided a profit of 140750 gold and 2063 gems. With these resources I can directly purchase 4 legendary items from the store. On the other hand, the event takes longer and offers far less.

As such, shortening the events would offset this divergence.

Additionally, I must disagree with you opening sentence. :wink: