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Reasons why I find myself completely uninterested in this game

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I do agree with much of your criticism, but my consequence is not the same as yours. There are some things in the game, as you mentioned, that could be better.
Code 19, too much and too mighty carnivores, price wheels, Gen 2s redundant.
But these are only minor nuisances for me that have very little influence to the fun I have in this game.
Everyone has his/her own subjective different expectations at the game and in the end everyone is free to decide if and how often he/she wants to use the game.
It would be sad to see such an experienced player like you quit the game, but it is your decision. Just do what is best for you.

And most important, get healthy soon!


Get well, or else! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree about the Code 19’s, of which I’ve played maybe ten. Like you mentioned, the reward/risk just doesn’t make it worth it.

Plus, it doesn’t tell you who the Code 19 is for. And if you fail, it locks that entire paddocks down vs one dino.

For Mods, I like the added strategy. I disliked boosters.


Sorry about hearing you are a victim of the virus and wish to recover as soon as possible.

I have to agree with you about gen 2 dinosaurs , especially considering that these are basically old dinos with different colors. Let me tell you why Ludia added them to the game (and also why it added super hybrids and mods ) . It’s because of Jurassic World Alive. They were all taken from that game. Because of the current success of that new game Ludia thought that these characteristics may improve JWTG . I believe that super hybrids do improve the game , but that isn’t the situation with gen 2 . Mods are supposed to imitate the abilities that every creature has at JWA (the only good at that game) and for me they do give a completely new way to play (and that helps you not getting bored) .

As for code 19 , this is a fail imitation of Jurassic Park Builder 's red code. Red code is a great way to collect coins in that game when Code 19 is not worthy . They better have to make Code 19 mechanism of collecting resources exactly the same with the mechanism of Code red. The only thing I really appreciate at Code 19 is the cool angry animations of the creatures.

As for the too many carnivores, I have the hope that soon Ludia will run out of other carnivores and will start again to introduce creatures of the other 3 classes. As @Tommi said, although I respect your right to decide for yourself, I also feel that it’s a shame to leave the game permanently for that reasons .


I recently started playing again after a year off. A year ago everything about this game felt like a choir, i hated doing all the repetitive battles, it seemed like it took forever to save up any resources, i was just done with it. At that point i was convinced i was just gonna quit playing so i decided to just sell a lot of my creatures, mainly cenozoic and aquatics and a few legendaries i only had 2 or 3 of to make an Indominus, and then get another for lvl 20.

That kept me around for a couple more weeks then i just quit. About a year later my daughter regained interest in her game after a similar time off so i started helping her again with a few things. After a week of helping her i got the itch to check out my old game. I don’t know what it was, maybe the time off, maybe they made some changes (IDK?). but the game just seemed easier and less tedious all of a sudden. I got back into it and started fixing the nightmare i left behind in my park.

I don’t do any of the code 19s… ever, can’t be bothered with them, i don’t do any PvP except tournaments aside from the required ones to beat the daily missions and i immediately forfeit the match as soon as it starts, they are not worth my time and i don’t enjoy them. The mod system is easier than the boosters as far as i can remember. I buy 3 mods a day for minimum resources as necessary to beat my daily missions, super easy and i have enough to win the mod battle PvE’s

Other than that business as usual, i have made a lot of progress in my park in the last 2 months, again IDK if the game is just easier than before or what but I always have more than enough DNA to keep advancing my dino’s as i want, (I don’t buy cenozoic or aquatics) I have enough DB’s to do a few speed ups here and there, story missions fly by. It’s been pretty good and like i said, my park is light years ahead of where it was just 2 months ago.

Other than tournament days i tend to only be on the game 2 or 3 times a day. Once in the morning when the new PvE’s show up so i can get started on them and give my dino’s a chance to cool down if i am going to need repeats to finish something. Ill hop on for a minute mid day to check trades, collect coins, check hatchery and creation lab, then again before i go to bed to just wrap up daily missions and PvE’s ect…

Not sure how long i will play for this time but not feeling any fatigue over it right now.

Some of the newly found motivation to play this game might have been from helping my daughter with the Dragon Mania Legends game. OMG that game is a painful grind if you are not a paying player, makes JW feel like walk in the park :wink:


@Subxero11 I relate to this! well, not entirely has I dont have kids ( still in college :rofl:) but I stopped playing this game because of how much p2w it seemed at the time. I couldnt do anything and the quests were so hard for me for whatever reason and so my motivation started to decrease until I ended up stop playing it. But with this quarentine I saw the game on apple store and gave it another try. How different it felt after more then two years. Missions are easier (despite starting to fell they may start to take more then 1 day but I guess we arent supposed to finish the game in 1 month so no biggie), I am able to hatch more good dinos, missions are better IMO and it got me addicted. I am even thinking of buying VIP which is something I am totally against in this modern game mentality. I know I will probably get tired of playing or slow down, probably when this quarentine ends and I have to go back to collegue. But, for now I dont even feel a slight decrease in my motivation, moreover I feel even more desire to play it as the days go by.


When I reached the point a year ago where my events got incredible hard I was on the edge to quit the game. But @Sionsith showed me how to adjust my lineup according to the game requirements. It was painful, I had to sell a lot of my strongest dinos, but now the game is more fun than ever for me. I do now have a long term strategy and I’m looking forward to what is going to come in the future…if there is a future for all of us.


Sad to hear about the virus, hope you get well soon.
About the carnivore favourism, while i’m also not a fan, i do understand why it’s there. The Jurassic franchise as a whole has always favoured carnivores. We’re 5 movies into it, and all the star dinos are carnivores: T.Rex, Raptors, the Spinosaurus, the Indominus and the Indoraptor, all of the “main” dinosaurs are carnivores, since the general audience sees them as more dangerous and therefore “cooler”.
Other Jurassic games also suffer from this: in Jurassic World: Evolution, herbivores are underpowered compared to carnivores, unless modified, wich is a shame.
In a game like this, carnivores are favoured since people find them more powerful and ferocious. The “king of the dinosaurs”, T.Rex, is a carnivore. Even today, the “king of the jungle”, the lion, is a carnivore. Because of this, big flashy carnivores or carnivore hybrids will stand out more, and people are more likely to spend money to get them.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk :grinning:


Hey OstaposaurusBae, thank you for the feedback, and I hope you get well soon!.


Let’s make a revolution. Down with the lion, the new king of animals is Shaun the Sheep.


Agreed with @OstaposaurusBae’s comments.

@OstaposaurusBae, games come and go. If this one has lost its life, move on to something else.

As for me, yes, the game is less fun than it was a year or two ago. But it’s still good enough that I play it. Would I like all of @OstaposaurusBae’s criticism to be heard and reversed? Yes.


The revolution against lion’s title as the “king of the animals” has already started by me . I can’t accept that they deserve that title. There are many other animals that claim to get the throne, for example my precious crocodiles. The same happens with T-rex’s title as the “king of dinosaurs”. I never heard something about Spinosaurus , Giganotosaurus , Allosaurus and other giants able to defeat T-rex … Injustice of life…

Why not? He pretty much runs the farm, so he can rule the animal kingdom

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Hey all, so wow I just woke up and I sure did stir up some discussion :sweat_smile:

I’m doing far better, as my body is no longer a war zone. I just have to lay low for the virus to die off inside me so I’m not contagious and that my liver n kidneys work at a healthy pace of filtering my body.

In regards to the game, I’m not on the verge of quitting, or at least I don’t think I am. I’m just uninterested in the fore mentioned aspects. I am still looking forward to new dinos, SDNA rotations, unlocking the last few dinos I have left, 1 of which I recently unlocked was the VIP squid that’s been so elusive to be.

It’s just feels tedious to play, when I have to consciously avoid these aspects every time I play. So because of how much time those listed consume, it feels less rewarding to play compared to before.

I hope we see updates in the near-future, because I would sure like to keep expanding Isla Nublar, it’s just the wait until things change for the better :weary: