Rebalance Open Level/Boost Tournaments

I am playing the current epic (boosts and levels enabled) tournament and am disappointed. How anyone has fun is beyond me. You either match against someone with lower levels than yourself and have a boring wait until your win or you match against someone who has wildly boosted creatures and you lose. It is the worst kind of RNG because it all happens before a match starts. You either draw your best creatures or your opponent draws their best creature that 0-3 beats your team.

The best part of these tournaments is that it acts as a departure from the PvP arena, in which you quietly pray (at least at 5200 trophies) you don’t see an opponent who is inept at battling but has a superior team to the point where they don’t have to think. Winning without thought is BORING. I would only play strike events and repeat campaign missions if I wanted to play against predictable bots. Unfortunately this (and all the other) open tournaments have showed me I have to play against wildly variable players, both people I should never have played (I click 3 moves and win, or they click three moves I lose) and people with no intellect letting their boosts and levels carry them, for a small shot at strong rewards. PvP has a niche for these people, and I hate seeing them have another one that lasts three grueling days.

What I’m asking for, after reading people’s responses to the idea of removing these open level/boost tournaments (which I would prefer), is for these tournaments to be rebalanced. Perhaps have matchmaking favor putting people with boosts against each other so they can have a more even experience. The same can work for levels. The system is already in place for the PvP arena. Something MUST be done to encourage people to play these tournaments on a broad scale, because at the moment nearly zero intellect is required to play these matches, and that’s off putting to a huge number of players (in my alliance and others across ALL skill levels). It feels like a three day power trip for whoever got lucky and had overleveled or overboosted creatures that happened to qualify. These people don’t need this experience at the expense of everyone else.

JWA has excellent potential as a skill based battling game (because even if I know I’ll lose every speed tie I can play as though I’ll lose it), but these tournaments strike me as a massive waste of time for anyone who wants to have fun playing against another intelligent player. Instead you feel like you’re playing against a bot, someone you can predict every move of, and it DOESNT MATTER. Frankly I would rather these open level/boost tournaments have no restrictions on what you could bring, since at least then everyone could be bringing their best.

TLDR; Open tournaments are not fun for people looking for matches against intelligent players, and I hate having to wait a full week and lose out of sometimes great rewards because I’m bored of RNG picking which matches I can win. Skill tournaments are the best thing added to the game, and I want to see more of them and more chances to have fun matches like the ones I have in them.


The problem is not with Advantage Tournaments. The problem is not even the boosts. The problem is that Yoshi has no counters in Epic Advantage Tournaments other than an equally levelled/boosted Brontolasmus/Carbonemys - and nobody has that because while those 2 might counter Yoshi 1v1, they can’t standard up to the ‘usual stuff’ in the regular arena.

Yoshi is simply WAY too powerful for an Epic and advantage tournaments just hammer that home even more. At least in Epic Skill tournaments I can outplay my opponent, but there’s no outplaying a Yoshi that’s 8 levels and 26 boost levels ahead of your team.

Honestly, Epic Advantage tournaments make me want to get Yoshi to lvl30 just so I can reliably hit top250.


A nerf to it would certainly help in these types of tournaments with epics, but it’s the same song and dance in common tournaments with miragaia, rare tournaments with suchotator, and legendary tournaments with indo G2 imo. Changing up the design (which also means looking at what breaks balance and asking “should this STILL be breaking balance?”) for these still feels like it’s needed to have more fun during these tournaments.