Rebalance Rexy and make her non exclusive now

Blue and Bumpy being exclusives? Understandable. There’s sancs, sundays, events where the incubators have a chance of giving their dna. Rexy? She is a non hybrid legendary that can’t be placed in sancs, cannot be requested on sundays, even tinier chances of being in an incubator let alone 0% chance to get via incs. This is absurd for celebrating both this game’s anniversary and the new movie that just manages to make players feel bad for themselves. Some say it’s justifiable because she’s too powerful anyway. No it’s not. There is no reason for her to be that powerful. Nerf, not gut, her to balance and then release her and allow us to grind her. Having her spawn alongside Para Lux could’ve been more acceptable than this absurdity. Please this should’ve been a celebration of 2 things that could’ve been actually good and you had to let greed to ruin it. For all the things that has happened this is the 1 thing that I cannot accept.

Make Rexy non exclusive now


This i agree with




I agree on the exclusive part

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I 100% approve of this

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Yeah they should replace the glyptoon boss with a Rexy boss


I don’t like event exclusives at all so i agree with you

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Agree for the non exclusivity.
And just by reading his stats,it should get an emergency nerf before released as it will 3-0 any legendary tourney.

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She doesn’t ,she just a watered down mort with less resistance,just use something with cunning

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I just faced Rexy and it was OP. A heal, swap out damage, and group attacks 3-0ed my team. Didn’t even kill it at the end. I know it’s exclusive, but come on! Definitely should be nerfed. It can stay exclusive, but nerfed.

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Just need to allow legendaries in sanc and all problems are solved.

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There definitely has to be some 3rd way to get her dna other than spending irl money or waiting solely for events. Grinding dna for exclusive epics isnt comparable to how absurd a non hybrid legendary only has 2 ways to get its dna. Making her possibly top 5 dino for no reason isnt reasonable to make her this hard to aquire after this week besides the shop

She’s a non hybrid so she can be featured as a seasonal reward

Can… But the likelihood of them making her a seasonal reward when they can sell her is low

Atleast give her Trex roar… Rexy with an Allosaurus roar is so irritating


Well Rexy definitely needs a rebalance


I ran into Rexy playing my wife’s 2nd account. That thing is nasty. It should be an Apex.

It will be left OP till they make their money off it.

As if Rexy being treated like this wasn’t enough, ofcourse they had to make Giga and Theri, 2 new movie dinos that have the most hype, exclusive aswell. Way to go

Atleast releasing AlloG2 to the wild instead of Dsungaripterus would’ve been atleast better compensation

How?you just showed two pictures of rexy and a another creature,it doesnt prove anything,rexy is easy to kill if you have nullifying or instant distract or cloak

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