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Rebalancing creatures

While playing JWA, I’ve encountered some problems with the abilities of certain creatures. I will be discussing them on this post.

  1. Miragaia
    I’ve always thought Miragaia was a bit too powerful for a common creature. My main problem is its counter attack. I understand that it relies on the counter attack and its shield due to its low HP, but I feel like Armor Piercing Counter is a bit too much for a common creature (especially one with 50% Regen).


  • Armor Piercing Counter becomes Regular Strike Counter (x1 damage)
  • OR Armor Piercing Counter does x0.75 damage

2). Indoraptor Gen 2.
I’m sure most people know why Indoraptor Gen 2 is overpowered, so I’ll just get to my point:


  • Cautious strike should only have Precise hit and Evasion, or only Precise. Mutual Fury already gives speed, so Cautious strike doesn’t need a speed bonus.
  1. Dragoceratops
    Yep, this guy. Personally, I don’t like it at all. I feel like every battle, as I get to my last creature, I always think: What if my opponent has a DC and is planning on using it to eliminate my last creature? Making a strategy to avoid one creature seems a bit crazy, to be frank. Swap in Devastation is a bit too powerful for a legendary creature. However, DC is becoming less common in arena battles, so perhaps the Devastation is okay and should stay consistent.


  • Regenerate becomes Cleanse w/ no heal.

Just to let you all know, I have not finished this list yet, and may change or add ideas here and there. If I made any errors in this post, please let me know so I can fix it. I’m also open to criticism, so please share your opinion with me, if you’d like.


This looks like it does x3 of its attack damage rather than 30%. Just a bit of clarification.

Personally, I think DC would be perfectly fine with .4 damage if cleanse lockdown was removed from regen. I dont find myself worrying too much about it anymore.

As for CS, I’d prefer it kept 2-3 of its abilities. Preferably evasion and distract but precise as well if it doesnt get moved back to its rampage.

Mirigaia: yes. Its counter is too powerful. You can see things like this boosted to the moon in attack in aviary for specifically that reason. Making it less effective may help.


Thanks, I’ve fixed the mistake you’ve pointed out.

As for DC, yes, I don’t have much of a problem with DC anymore. Therefore, removing the Regen and replacing it with cleanse is probably the best way to rebalance it.

For CS, I can agree with you on that. However, adding Evasion and Distraction (along with Precise) will basically make Indo a much nastier version of Procertamimus. Since it can use cautious strike every turn, the Indo could still just spam CS until it can kill a creature with DSR.

Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a problem with Miragaia. I too have seen it boosted to the point it becomes almost unstoppable.

Definitely with you on Miragaia. I always have dispised fighting it, because it shields all your attacks, then hits you with an armour Piercing Counter which deals SO MUCH DAMAGE! Then right when you’ve got this stupid thing down to low health, what’s that? REGENERATION! And as if it wasn’t bad enough, It can now slow you! I’m glad I don’t fight it anymore.

Indoraptor Gen2 is fine, all that needs to be nerfed is cautious Strike. It should only have percise, distraction and evasion. Nothing else.

Dracocera was nerfed recently. But it needs to be reworked, or at least change regen to something else.


Miragaia is fine as it is. If it was as powerful as you describe it to be, it would be running around in higher arenas as well. It’s only tough in lower arenas, and there is nothing wrong with a creature being better than others, while it still has its counters.

As for IndoG2 mutual fury is always a gamble, and highly situational, so is by no means a reliable source of speedup. As IndoG2 lost definite rampage, it needs something to go though cloaks, otherwise it would get destroyed too easily.

Now about Dracoceratops, it was highly nerfed, and nowhere near where it used to be, but it seems like people wont stop complaining about it until it becomes completely unusable.

Balancing means bringing stuff to a fair level, not completely destroying a creature just because people complain about it.


Yes, omg I hat miragina it hybrid I understand it’s a legendary so it should have an annoying counter but this thing a common what the heck? Also why does it shields slowing live last two turns why not one

As for draco I don’t mind the thing is almost extinct and people rarely use its swap since it unreliable and they rather have it fight. But a rework of bed to regen would be bad either.

Indo gen2 I fine withjust annoyed with the speed up and cleanse cause without it, it would have a lot of counter and I would also take the precise since it doesn’t need it indo doesn’t need it so it doesn’t need it. Plus it can dodge every turn and not only that distract so just adobe can go thru your dodge is kinda just unfair but eh what do I know

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Mirigaia is kinda a pain and annoying to deal with but i wouldn’t say it is overpower.Every tier has the best and worst dinos plus any chomper can kill it with ease.
Dracoceratops with the nerf he got is now scares in the arenas and crazy easy to deal with so the regen is he only think that keep him alive-ish right now.
Indo2’s cautious strike needs only a nerf to the speed up or cleansing effect everything else is fine.


The recent Common tourney really showed up how powerful Miragaia is. If you got it in your deck, you had such a huge advantage.

I think it would be an easy fix; just reduce its damage by about 30%.

I think it is a good build, but the high damage output makes it a bit OP when compared to other Common dinos. A small retweak as opposed to a major rehaul would address this.

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Yeah, definitely. As much as I love using Miragaia in tournaments, it’s too powerful to be considered a common creature. It’s only real counter is Chompers with DSR, but Miragaia still can kill them pretty easily.

Most counter-attack dinosaurs are pretty slow as well. Miragaia is fairly fast, but I’ve still fought quite a lot of boosted Miragaia with 25+ speed. However my main concern isn’t it’s speed, it’s mostly the counter attack that bothers me the most.

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I remember being in the Badlands when Miragaia first came out. Yeesh. That’s why mine is level 17 lol.
But I don’t think it’s overpowered (maybe I’m just used to it). At all equal levels, it even gets OHKO’d by creatures like Postosuchus, Erlidom, Spyx, Smiloceph, Phora, Utahsinoraptor, Velociraptor (you get the picture). Used against the right creatures, it’ll really leave a mark. Oh, and it can’t get through shields, and should be easily killable once stunned.

Perhaps it could have it’s damage reduced by a little bit… I mean, I’ve faced my share of boosted, overlevelled ones, and they can be annoying, but they have an unfair advantage, so of course they’ll wreak havoc. From facing it in tournaments, it’s good, and I wouldn’t mind it staying the same.

Also, I love the new SDS animation on Miragaia.


If you reduce mirigaias damage then will become a useless dino.It is not op at all just a very good common but if you want to nerf her then just change the armor piercing counter to a decel counter like her hybrid.Oh yeah every tier has a most powerful dino so the last sentence doesn’t make any sense.


Never see Miragia so cant really comment other than it seems to have a shelf-life so might not be so bad.

Draco is fine now, after the rework. They did a decent job of keeping it powerful whilst making it not a must-have.

Cautious Strike baffles me. Its meant to be a defensive move, so why speed up? Why precise hit? I get distract and evasion, and they’re fair enough. Even cleanse really. Definitely needs a rework.


Cautious Strike was never originally intended to be a Precise move. That was added so that not too much was compromised from the original vision when it was made easier to counter, since there’s no way to mitigate damage from a distraction-immune Definite Rampage.

Problem is, a Distraction-immune Definite rampage used to be one of the best ways to deal with the blasted thing, either from another Indo G2, or Ardentismaxima. Removing it made it easier to counter in some ways, but harder than before in others.


I think you made cautious strike too weak now. Personally, If indo gen2 has DSR, cautious strike should have precise, dodge and distract. If It has definite rampage, cautious strike should have just distract and dodge.
Regarding DC, any more nerfing after 1.11 and it’s useless. Without removing lock down dc is useless. If It is to lose that, It needs a rework to compensate. I don’t use dc but i have no hate for It, but regardless of my opinion on It, i don’t think It should be useless. Honestly, i hardly see them on the arena and when i see they are not a threat at all most of the time. I’m fine with the way It is now.
Also, the regeneration change just killed the move, just cleansing is most of the time a free hit for the opponent there’s no point in such a weak passive move.


I love that animation too :laughing:


screams in regenerate and run

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I think Miragaia, Indo2, and DC are fine, except for that Shielded Decelerating Strike that slows for two turns instead of one, that is stupid imo. The zero armor on Miragaia mitigates its other strengths, but maybe it’s op in lower arenas, I wouldn’t know. It is definitely strong for a common.

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