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Rebalancing every epic non-hybrid creature

Okay, I’ve added Concave and Raja to the Bary post.

I was checking the field guide while writing, and ourano currently has 4830 hp, so it was actually a nerf :laughing:

Indeed, keeping RtC would be just for the sake of having a signature move, FS is much better. I like the idea of the whole spinosaur family being immune to slow though.

I like bellow more since it can be useful to slow the opponent before brachi dies but LP is an interesting option.

Oh well, I like the og kit, but you can’t please everyone :laughing:
@Qaw’s rework with prowl is a good idea imo though

Sure, but 1000 damage may be too low. Since they are tanks without armor they need high hp to work and such low damage could probably make it too weak. Potatotitan has this problem(though it is on the high armor more than the high hp side), it can take hits forever but it deals almost nothing in return. So a high hp sauropod could have a bit more damage than 1000, I think 1200 is ideal. Other way to balance it is to give shield advantage one more cooldown(and extend this to gemini) as someone here suggested.

Oh i like that, immunity to swap prevention is great for it. Nerfing the damage for an impact is fair, but remember that erliko is valuable for the first turn damage, at least I would prefer more damage instead of the impact.

I didn’t even see that you got rid of the swap :rofl: That I can’t agree with. The reason Maia can be so clutch is the instant rampage after the stun on the swap, makes a lot of difference in matches(I get that you probably think the stun is annoying but Maia kinda needs it to work well, otherwise it’s just almost decent imo). Sure, the trade of 50 is not very significant, but I think Maia is perfectly balanced how it is :man_shrugging:

The others are already way faster so I don’t see why it needs a nerf in speed

Sure it’s immune and has high damage, but it has less hp than other synapsids, it trades hp for more damage and a rampage and I think that’s fair. Also, it’s not like it’s an OP creature, I haven’t once seen anyone complaining or making a nerf thread for it. The only reason people use it is to deal with the turtle. Other than that it’s just a decent epic. That’s why I think it doesn’t need any change.


Fair enough

I though that was the case, it’s hard to remember writing all the abilities :laughing:

I don’t really like the idea of rex with rending, I think the triple shattering moves are perfect for it, but to each their own :grin: Also, most distracters would still beat it, many have double distraction and some can kill rex in 2 turns with raw damage even with the hp buff.

I don’t think the kit should change, but I agree that it should be slower than secodonto, that makes sense. I agree with your other stat changes as well.

True, it is kinda bad compared to manny. I mean, it’s kinda weird that it has more hp than a mammoth but I don’t really mind it(though 4500 is enough imo), it doesn’t look unbalanced. The damage is fair.

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Loved those reworks! Though I think conc and raja could be a bit faster or have more hp.

I think the additional effect of the airborne should be different for each type of pterosaur. In that case the move would do exactly the same for all(A 1.5x damage version of cloak with better dodging), but the effect would depend on the passive the creature has, would that be correct?
I agree that the dodge should be 100%, but I don’t think it should negate all damage as it would be too different from the way dodge is now. I think having a damage mitigation equal to sidestep is enough.

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Yes. The passive would affect any damage the pterosaur deals while airborne, so its counter and whatever attack it chooses.
If the pterosaur has “airborne Nullifier” as a passive, then it’s counter also nullifies while airborne, and if it chooses Impact-and-run, then that move would also nullify.

I suppose that would only be fair.

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But then what Airborne passives would each pterosaur get?
Pteranodon makes sense to gets Airborne Nullifier.
Then there’s Tupa and Dsunga.

I guess Dsunga could get Airborne ferocity.


Airborne: Priority. Gain 100% chance to dodge 66% damage until the next attack (maximum 2 turns). All damage dealt by this creature while airborne is 1.5x.
Delay-0, Cooldown-3.
[If the “Airborne” user gets stunned, it automatically wears off after the 2nd turn].

Passive- Airborne nullifier: While airborne, all damage dealt by this creature removes positive effects.


-4050 HP
-900 attack
-127 speed

•Defence-shattering strike

•Armour-piercing counter
•Swap-in Ferocity
•Airborne nullifier

Ready to Crush (reworked) : Deal 50% extra damage next 3 turns. +70% critical chance next 3 turns.


~3900 HP
~1270 attack
~124 speed
~30% critical chance

•Defence-shattering Strike
•Ready to Crush
•Defence-shattering Rampage

Immunity to Deceleration


~3750 HP
~1080 attack
~106 speed

•Long Defensive Strike
•Lockdown Impact
•Defense-shattering Impact

•Defence-shattering counter

Extended Critical Impact : +60% critical chance for 3 turns. Deal 1.5x damage.


~3960 HP
~1090 attack
~105 speed
~20% critical chance

•Devouring Strike
•Long Protection
•Extended Critical Impact

•Maximal counter-attack

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That makes sense. Ferocity for both dsunga and tupan, null for pteranodon, wounder for dimorphodon and darwin,etc

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Do you think a damage nerf to 1200 would be enough of a nerf to Diplodocus on its own?
I also nerfed Shield Advantage to have a 2-turn cooldown earlier, but now I think that might be unnecessary.

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I think it’s probably enough. Diplodocus isn’t that much stronger than a decent epic.

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I just realised I forgot about Darwin, although a buff to the counter-attackers and Anky should automatically make it a bit more viable.


~3000 HP
~970 attack
~129 speed

•Pinning Strike
•Rending Attack

•Swap-in Wound

There we go. I didn’t know how to incorporate Airborne into a Swoop-centred kit. I didn’t want to render Swoop completely useless. Besides, I think this kit is pretty good.
Because the wounding pterosaurs have no counter, airborne makes less sense on them.
Dimodactylus is the only real candidate.

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I’d definitely love to hear any ideas on a Swooper rework.

Edit: Here’s an idea:

Swoop: Priority. Opponent damage reduced by 90% for 1 turn. Automatic swap. Deal 0.2x opponent max HP as DoT for 3 turns.
Delay-1. Cooldown-2.

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I say two turns is enough but I like Ruth’s your nex Dino isn’t just dead

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I only made it 3 turns because the current version is that way.

Yes, that’s what I’m hoping to do. That’ll make swoopers way more useful. Especially ones with SI-wound. Spinotasuchus, Daryx and Vexus would benefit too.


Ya that’s why I think two turn would be balanced cause you added the distraction

Cause like I think only lethal should do it for three turns

Noice, though i think dimodactylus has a good kit, perhaps It just needs better stats

I decided to change Rending Attack back to DSI. It would be a bit much on something with 129 speed IMO, especially only an Epic.

2 turn cool down for Shield Advantage? No, thanks.

I changed my mind a while ago on that lol.