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Rebalancing every epic non-hybrid creature

Do you think a damage nerf to 1200 would be enough of a nerf to Diplodocus on its own?
I also nerfed Shield Advantage to have a 2-turn cooldown earlier, but now I think that might be unnecessary.

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I think it’s probably enough. Diplodocus isn’t that much stronger than a decent epic.

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I just realised I forgot about Darwin, although a buff to the counter-attackers and Anky should automatically make it a bit more viable.


~3000 HP
~970 attack
~129 speed

•Pinning Strike
•Rending Attack

•Swap-in Wound

There we go. I didn’t know how to incorporate Airborne into a Swoop-centred kit. I didn’t want to render Swoop completely useless. Besides, I think this kit is pretty good.
Because the wounding pterosaurs have no counter, airborne makes less sense on them.
Dimodactylus is the only real candidate.

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I’d definitely love to hear any ideas on a Swooper rework.

Edit: Here’s an idea:

Swoop: Priority. Opponent damage reduced by 90% for 1 turn. Automatic swap. Deal 0.2x opponent max HP as DoT for 3 turns.
Delay-1. Cooldown-2.

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I say two turns is enough but I like Ruth’s your nex Dino isn’t just dead

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I only made it 3 turns because the current version is that way.

Yes, that’s what I’m hoping to do. That’ll make swoopers way more useful. Especially ones with SI-wound. Spinotasuchus, Daryx and Vexus would benefit too.


Ya that’s why I think two turn would be balanced cause you added the distraction

Cause like I think only lethal should do it for three turns

Noice, though i think dimodactylus has a good kit, perhaps It just needs better stats

I decided to change Rending Attack back to DSI. It would be a bit much on something with 129 speed IMO, especially only an Epic.

2 turn cool down for Shield Advantage? No, thanks.

I changed my mind a while ago on that lol.