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Rebalancing every epic non-hybrid creature

I mean if it want to have attack buff it can’t just be like your slowed and your slowed and…

i’ll just have to wait for kit changes then. i forgot to take those into account for it.

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Ugh ya sorry if it takes awhile it’s a lot also let a certain @shining if he is fine satisfied with these changes

Btw part two will be posed on here

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I think Woolly Rhino has low damage for having an enormous stabbing horn.

Ankylosaurus definitely needs a damage buff. It has a tail that can literally break bones. It barely deals any damage with no major damaging move.

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Lol well it has lethal wound so​:rofl::joy:

As for Anky oh it will have some output

Ok it’s done hey @Isaah_Wii what ya think now

only thing i’m not a fan of is allo g2 loosing rending takedown. messes up it’s hybrid. (where would RT come from then. granted, out of nowhere is always an option)

rex is interesting. Crit rampage may be a bit much. I like that pteranodon gets some dodge love. Kentro looses its counter and Koola gains one?

that’s all i see at the moment that made me do a double take. Will have to look over this more carefully.


Lol ya fixed it tho k for some reason it copied ketros onto koola

And I mean it gains a definite; lol also ya Lydia has always just pulled stuff out of no where

Crit rampage has 1 turn delay so you can shield up but ya I think I might change it

Ok some things are fixed
;any more thoughts?

Health: 1,900
Attack: 1,570
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%


  • Strike
  • Pounce
  • Critical Impact
  • Immune to Deceleration
  • No Escape

Health: 2,300
Attack: 1,240
Speed: 131
Armor: 0%


  • Strike
  • Pounce
  • Impact and Run
  • Immune to Swap Prevention
  • On Escape Evasive Strike

Health: 2,550
Attack: 1,300
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%


  • Strike
  • Pounce
  • Evasive Impact
  • Immune to Distraction
  • On Escape Heal

Health: 3,000
Attack: 1,170
Speed: 131
Armor: 10%


  • Distraction
  • Precise Pounce
  • Short Defense
  • Immune to Distraction
  • Immune to Stun
  • On Escape Dust Cloud

Not that too OP I guess :rofl:

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Opps, I just correct myself that this is only Epic creature :sweat_smile:

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Ya sorry. Interesting blue tho

Did you just make erliko and monolo more viable with the immune to decel bc i love it.

Well a small amount of the health, attack, and speed changes are okay, but sorry to say those changed movesets won’t ever happen, mainly because they suck making epics more useless and it would ruin the battle arena meta

Honestly giving stegodeus back its armour piercing rampage and to the rest of the dinos that only have rampage like brachiosaurus, girraffatitan etc. would make stegodeus not so useless

Why Titanoboa loose the on escape Rampage ?
Alanqua with immune to swap prevention seems to much he’s already very bulky and has decent damages I don’t think he need it

About Allo g2 I don’t know why he got an attack nerf if he has only 2 impacts, sure he has a definite move but compare to rex is almost trash

Honestly I think Allo g2 in the game is fine and need any change

And I’m not agree with the immune to stun on Mammoth, immune to bleed makes more sense for a tank, ok he has a speed nerf but I don’t think it deserves something to counter the stunners, all the non hybrids tanks can be stun so why not Mammoth ?

  1. I like that you took the time and effort to compile all of this. Good on you.

  2. Alanqa got a speed reduction? Didn’t need to be changed imo, but I guess that would make sense based on the other defensive pterosaurs. Doesn’t change Alankylosaurus either, so I guess that’s fine.

  3. Allo G2’s stat changes seem reasonable (personally I would give it 25% crit) but the moveset is…weird. Pinning doesn’t fit, and the loss of Rending Takedown is unnecessary imo. Allo G2 isn’t going to be facing a lot of Dodgers, and while that’ll probably change in the future, I don’t know if Definite Impact suits it.

  4. Anky having 50% armour could work, but since it also has shields, I don’t know if that much would be necessary. The moveset is interesting, and could work, but we’d need more details on Vulnerablising Rampage to tell for sure.

  5. I do not agree with Bary losing Ready to Crush. I think the Barys and maybe even Irritators deserve Immune to Decel like Spinonyx, so they can make the most of RTC when the opponent is going for, say Superiority Strike or something. Of course, if the counter-attackers became more relevant they might not even need that.

  6. I think Blue was fine already, but this works too.

  7. I do not agree with Brachi losing Bellow at all. And losing Superiority Strike means it can’t cleanse Distraction from the creatures it counters anymore, like the Raptors, Koolasuchus, Monolophosaurus, Erlik G2, Proceratosaurus, etc. I think Brachi was fine the way it was too, but I wouldn’t mind the stat changes.

  8. Carbo with Regeneration? I don’t know… Maybe.
    I like that it’s now slower than T-rex lol.

  9. Did you take away Comcave’s counter? If so, then that’s a thumbs down from me.
    If you didn’t, Concavenator being faster makes sense, it can deal some serious damage now. Definite Impact on Concave? I think that could work. Most Dodgers can’t get through shields, so it could wall them. Another idea is to give it DSI, but change its counter to Precise Shattering.

  10. Darwin used to have Cleansing Impact, but removing it’s Pinning Strike means it would be weird if Vexus kept it. Maybe give it DSS and Cleansing Impact?
    Apart from that, it’s fine.

  11. Ooh, Diplodocus lost a lot of damage. I guess that makes sense, though. We’d have to wait to see if it works.

  12. Erlik with Immunity to Decel? I don’t think that was necessary. Immunity to Swap-prevention might make more sense. The damage nerf in exchange for Impact-and-run could work.

  13. Grypo loses armour? I guess it deals more damage now, so fine. But DSI? I don’t know. Wouldn’t that make it a bit…bland? Other than that, it’s fine. I would love to try it out in a Tourney.

  14. Did Kentro really need a change? If anything, I’d rather Thagomizer was changed, so it could keep it.

  15. Finally some love for Koolasuchus! This way, it’s a better version of Proceratosaurus, with better health but lower damage. Except when you look at that speed… I think 120 might be a bit too low.

  16. Did Maiasaura need to be changed? I think it was fine as it was. This works too I guess.

  17. Monolophosaurus with Immune to Decel? I don’t think that’s needed at all. Distracting Impact is definitely a buff, but we’d have to try it out to tell if it’s balanced.

  18. Ourano and Pachy are fine.

  19. Nice buff to Pteranodon. Distraction and Dodge both make sense, and make it more useable.

  20. Pyro is fine.

  21. Raja with Precise-shattering? Nah. I don’t think all the counter-attackers need to go through shields or armour. Raja was the one that was supposed to be the generic base counter-attacker, like a better Majunga or Lythronax. Giving it AP or DS wouldn’t fit imo.

  22. Secodontosaurus nerf? But why though? I don’t know about this one.

  23. I think we ought to respect Ludia’s decision with the ceratopsians, but if you’re going to make it a 1v1 dino, I think making back to what it used to be would work. It’d be annoying, yes, but with stun-immunity, it’d be more counterable that before.

  24. Smilodon was fine as it was imo, but this makes Prowl better, although that damage nerf is a lot. I dunno.

  25. I think Spino was fine as it was, but I guess this works.

  26. Hey, what’s with the Stigy nerf? It’s an exclusive, so it’s high damage and health weren’t too much imo.

  27. Titanoboa is fine.

  28. T.rex. You buffed everything? I think that’s too much lol. Maybe 35% crit lol, but 40% can remain exclusive to Ophia and Tarbo. And Rending attack? I think it’s moveset was perfect as it was. It was like Definite Rampage on Maxima. Those moves were made for it.

  29. I think the Mammoth’s moveset was fine as it was. That attack damage is probably too high. Maybe it could get API instead of APR?

  30. Rhino is fine.


I’m agree with you except on Boa, I don’t know why it should loose his on escape Rampage