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Rebalancing every epic non-hybrid creature

Oh, I missed that. I think @Thylo_75 forgot to put it in. I doubt anyone would want it to lose OER anyway.

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Oh dang I did thxs

Eh had to give it something so people would be like; it’s exclusive it needs something and we love our mammoth and it’s fine rahhhhhh

  1. Thxs man ya it was a lot I was also sick so noggin wasn’t in the right place

  2. It makes honestly to me anyway this thing is huge it should not be as fast or faster than its small piers and two it used to have this speed till ludia changed it so ya

  3. The thing is allo gen2 should be better but worse than Rex it should be faster and more adaptive but also not hit as hard. The problem with current gen 2 is that it can take on almost anything( except mammoth and marsupial) in a 1v1 and kill it in two hits no matter what, you can’t

  4. Well the shield isn’t that bad it only last two turns plus chompers counter it well.
    As for its rampage it works off the same basis of vulnerability strikes but a rampage.

So deal 2x damage, destroy shields, targets is vulnerable for next two turns

  1. The thing is Ready to crush has never been a good move it’s leaves you open and give you barely anything in return

  2. Lol all I gave her was 60 health and 5% armor lol wasn’t much

  3. Ya I looked back on it but it’s not what I wanted the current kit is better but I just don’t like bellow like Ready to crus I find barely any use for it

  4. See with regen it can’t shield or speed up so IT HAD TO b use SV :smiling_imp:

  5. No I just didn’t see that i forget to add it in

  6. Ya maybe but then would I have to get rid of swoop?

  7. Well I mean no duh ludia didn’t think of logic when making diplodocus

  8. Hmmm you have a point especially with gyrpo, and other this be something good I ll take it

  9. I mean it’s basically a DSR and you can’t run from it sooo

  10. Ya but it’s been almost two years and absolutely nothing has changed about it so desperate times call for desperate measures

  11. Lol it’s literally and blob it should be super slow but was generous and gave it 120 speed which is like a good middle ground considering it can slow

  12. I’m mean swap in stun is just so annoying especially it with instant rampage plus it like 50 attack it’s not that much to lose

  13. I mean it’s 127 speed so other can out speed it and hit it plus tanks can just cleanse or shield up, so immune to decl is not that far off

  14. But I just gave it more health and pachy stays the same.

  15. Lol but how are they gonna be good if they can go then defenses.

  16. Pryo gains 1 speed which I think is deserved

  17. Also ya pteranodon needed some love

  18. I mean has more attack than it’s cousins, precise strike and crit impact idk of a rampage is really needed

  19. I mean it gains good health and crit percentage

  20. It had to be thicc to do some damage also a Dino bigger than Rex being super fast? What?!

  21. It’s about exclusive a galimimius… but still 1.5 is way too much

  22. Vulnerability helps deal more damge and makes sense for a snake that crushes it victims and yes Ik I forget on escape rampage I’ll get on that

  23. Ya but it also needed draw backs if it had DSI+ DSR then most nothing could survive even with distraction or dodge, giving it rending is far off and give it a need handicap to some but also a buff against others. Plus if it wants to be “fast and tanky” it need some draw backs.

  24. Lol again I didn’t want to change it much do to being sanctuary exclusives( plus we probably never see it but if it goes into the wild I’ll change it.) also we know people would cry about it.

  25. I mean more health makes sense this thing is a tank even look at its modern cousins. Also being faster than a mammoth makes total sense cause ya of course. It basically the opposite of the mammoth the mammoth has mid health but high attack, rhino is high helath mid to lower attack

With all due respect, you must have a lot of free time…

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Nope I multi tasked for making this :rofl:

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The fact who Mammoth is an exclusive doesn’t matter, Allo g2 is an exclusive too and you make it worst than Rex without a special move except definite impact but with only 1600 DMG stat it’s not enough specially this move has 1 turn delay

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Based on your list, I’m going to list the creatures that are most in need of a rebalance, based on my experience and some of the forum posts I’ve read.

Allosaurus G2, Ankylosaurus, Baryonyx, Carbonemys, Concavenator, Diplodocus, Gryposuchus, Koolasuchus, Pteranodon, Rajasaurus and the Woolly Mammoth.

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Lol there ya happy

Allosaurus G2

4800 HP
(slightly more than Common Allosaurus)
1800 attack
(slightly more than Common Allosaurus)
103 speed
(slower than Common Allosaurus, faster than Epic Tyrannosaurus)
25% critical chance
(higher than Common Allosaurus, lower than Epic Tyrannosaurus)

•Cleansing Strike
•Rending Attack
•Armour-piercing Rampage

How about that?


•Defense-shattering Strike
•Cleansing Impact
•Rending Takedown

•Distraction-cleansing Strike
•Armour-piercing Impact
•Rending Takedown

Or some other combination of the above moves. Cleansing Impact means it can’t cleanse whenever it wants to. Distraction-cleansing Strike means it can still be taken out using other status effects.

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That works but still the problem of cleanse

But I guess that a compromise bit that’s basically the same same on stats tho?

I edited it a bit.

Yes, but I was justifying the same stats.

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Oh I mean I like that change to armor piercing rampage and I’ll accept the stats just get rid of cleanse so we can bleed and distract it pls :joy:

It’s like a chompers shouldn’t, unless immune shouldn’t be able to cleanse since then what can you do about it

You should like this one then. I think it deserves to be able to cleanse something, since it’s exclusive and all. Either that, or you would have to give it some other status effect, because it has to have lower base damage than T-rex.

I mean the thing is while things with Rending don’t usually have a cleanse and if so it’s non damage don’t believe me take a look it’s true

If you don’t want it to cleanse Distraction, then you could:

•Give it an Immunity. Immunity to stun, Deceleration or Vulnerability would work.

•Give it Precise or Definite moves, like you suggested. Since the Boas already have that role, along with the rhinos, Smilodon and Blue, I don’t think that’d work.

•Come up with some fun new move for it to have, so it makes sense as an exclusive.

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Purutaurus, Carnotarkus and Carnotaurus: Are we a joke to you?

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Marsupial lion
Health becomes 3600.
Darn thylo you can’t turn a blind eye on this one😂