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Rebalancing every epic non-hybrid creature

This thread is about the Epics. But Marsupial Lion does probably have a little too much health at 4500.

About Allo g2 you know your version is slow than the new rex in this topic ?

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Lol I did yo changed it again

And even if it’s only about the game it’s bad because is slower than Diplo and Turtle wich is very bad

It’s faster by one point

Lol haha is rare not epic

Your all hybrids suckers :joy::rofl: ya have an excuse

Carnotaurus isn’t a hybrid lol.

Thyla can also cleanse (the rare one)

Yeah, I’m not going by those.

Yes, but @Thylo_75 said that no rending creature has a cleansing move that does damage apart from Allo G2.

For me Allo g2 needs any change it’s a good chomper who can beats tanks but easily beaten by faster dinos like Mammoth or Seco

And what ? I don’t see any problems to have cleansing + rending move, specially Carno, Puru and Thyla are more focused with this combo

Neither do I. @Thylo_75 does.

Oh sorry, about Allo g2 I see any problems with cleansing strike + rending takedown if he has DSR instead of it’ll be more problematic

Ya but thyla has to sacrifice its health and moves to cleanse even with SS or DP

Lol ya but look at the difference

But you see if was just that sure it wouldn’t be a problem but it also has DSI

As a compromise I would say this

Armor piercing strike

Cleasing impact

Rending takedown

Keep the same stats; if you say it needs cleasing this is the best way then

Ok that close to your second option but giving APS just allows shields to be more relevant

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Honestly i think the current kit is fine, i wouldn’t trade shattering for armor piercing as it’s one of the main counters for the turtle. If i had to change anything it would be the strike. For rebalancing just a small damage and hp nerf