Rebalancing help needed

I’m trying to rebalance my Jurassic bench after a levelling up misshap. My top dinosaur is now a level 20 Diplosuchus and he’s about 30% more ferocious than the previous one was.

Thankfully I had others that I could level up so today he’s not such an outlier. But I’m going to need more at around the same ferocity. (2264HP 953ATK)

I’m going to make a Cerazinosaurus, two Monostegotops and two Tapejalosaurus. I’m also thinking about Spinotasuchus as I’ve loads of sDNA for that. Does anyone know what the level one stats are though? I don’t want to end up with yet another outlier.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Not sure about level 1, but between 1 and 10, the other two super hybrids are going to be close to the same level ferocity wise.

And for reference, here are some of my jurassics around a level 20 diplosuchus.


Thanks @Potato. Those screenshots are a great idea.

Another screen stronger:

Another weaker:


I’ll leave this here just in case anyone else ever needs to know what a level one Spinotasuchus’ stats look like:

This is actually my third and they are fantastically useful in tournaments.