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Rebalancing ideas for the arena: Leagues, boosts, battle pass and othet

Anti-dropping sistem
When i have played CR, during clan chest period, many people dropped the arena for win more crown.
Supercell, for stop this, have added this new system:
if you are in an arena, you can’t down(league excluse).

For do an example in JWA:
if i’m at 4520 trophey(aviary), if i lose i remain blocked to 4500 trophey.

This system is valid from 0 tropheys to 5000 tropheys. I can’t drop in aviary, bat i can drop in library and gyro. This for separeit mid game from start and end game.

Leagues and reset
The Leagues start to 6000 tropheys. With the Leagues start also the reset. But now is different. The reset depeind by the league. Now we see an example of this new Leagues and reset tropheys system:

-League Rank- -Start- -End- -Reset-

Brachio III 6000 6249 6000

Brachio II 6250 6499 -250

Brachio I 6500 6749 -250

Raptor III 6750 6999 -250

Raptor II 7000 7249 -250

Raptor I 7250 7499 -250

Indominus II 7500 none 7450

Now the reset depend on your league rank. With this system if you are inactive you can drop from your League Rank, but you can’t drop from Leagues zone for inactivity. There is a new League every 750 tropheys, and a MinorLeague every 250. There are 3 MinorLeague for league(excluse the last) and the incubator rewards increase every MinorLeague.

Boosts 3.0
Boosts like custom tool and nerf MortemRex boss

With Boosts 3.0 we will have an unique boost type. All ours boosts will become universal boosts. Now you can have a repay of 100%.
Let’s go see the new boosts:

-Stats- -Cost- -Boost stats%-

Damage 30 1,2%

Hp 30 1,2%

Speed 30 1%

Now, with this cost, boosts are more accessible and less broken, but they have a little problem: MortemRex raid, you can beat it only with broken creatures (maxima) and high level creatures full boosted, or lucky, then, ludia, you can nerf it?

-JWA Pass-

We have 2 pass: Free Pass and VIP Pass. The pass have 35 level. You can advance earning takedown. Now let’s go see the pass.

Free Pass
Cost: Free
Reawards: 33 Daily Incubator and 2 special incubator(depend from the arena).

VIP Pass
Cost: 5000/10.000HC(it depends from your level)for the no VIP, it’s free for VIP.
Rewards: various incubators(they depend from your level and your arena/league) and a special emoji.

Note: If you have the VIP Pass you have also the Free Pass rewards.

Whath do you think it? These ideas are good for the game? Have you a better idea?

Love everything but the league pass, it would make the game absurdly p2w in an already difficult game


Overall neat ideas, but having any kind of battle pass in JWA scares me - I don’t want them to start abusing it for money. The leagues are cool, but should probably start at a lower trophy count to include more than just the top players. Like 4500 trophies at the maximum, but preferably less.