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Rebalancing Suggestions Of creatures

Same stats, Crit-30%Speed:- 122

Shielding Strike
Nullifying Impact
Greater Stunning Impact
Slowing Impact


Shielded Decelerating Strike
Distracting Shield
Decelerating Rampage
Mutual Fury

On Escape Heal
Medium Counter Attack
Immune to Decleration
Immune to Stuns


2900 Health
1350 Attack
Speed:- 128

Evasive Strike
Distracting Impact
Impact and Run
Instant Distraction


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I guess Yoshi is not so broken thanks to you. Great job

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Testacornibus should have dig in

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Well,with 2 shield moves already?

Ok,what do you say I replace?

Thank you .

Maybe mutual furry as none of them have it


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Okay. But would 3 shielding moves again not really make it kind of weak,not being able to attack at all? Mutual fury will give it a chance to play slightly offensive if given the right situation.

Maybe decelerating impact or distracting impact

Okay,probably the problem is that it is the only creature with Distracting Shield in the game,so replacing that would not be a great option, dig in is not a basic move,so it cannot be used in place of shielded decelerating strike,maybe the deceleration.