Rebalancing the Lesser Legendaries [Polls&Discussion]

I’m actually surprised that the poll for Koolabourgiana shows that I really could’ve went higher for damage. It’s very interesting that most agree 1600 base damage still isn’t enough to be considered good.

I thought the Revenge Bleed might be intense, I tried to keep the DoT maximum to an official limit that Maiming wound set, just for 3 turns instead of 2. I wondered if an 11% increase might’ve been too strong. Since there are so many immunities around I just felt like since it has none it deserves to be good at its niche when it is actually allowed to work it’s kit.

I absolutely agree with Rajakylo, Extended Crit is a relic worth forgetting. I was afraid of making it overly offensive for its role, but it seems the poll has several who agree it needs more teeth even over SV. Crit Impact could be a missing piece it needs that I didn’t consider! (I was thinking of going towards ferocious actually like Dio).

I did try to totally reinvent Baja and I knew RD would be scary lol. I tried to balance it with big cooldowns so that it either has to leave right after or churn out SV’s for multiple turns no matter what choices it makes when it comes in. It pretty much just gets one big hit that’s not really that big, still outdone easily by Erlidom, Thor, Spyx and others for turn 1 damage. It’s a situational thing to have if redone this way. But man it’d be beautiful to have if you just got Ko’d by a rat lol. It’s just a really wonky hybrid anyway you do it :laughing:

Meg was my big risk, seems I might’ve went counter to what most want. In reality I think a simple swap to get 1X Decel counter is enough to make it useable, but I thought I’d be creative and rework it into something like Tryko being a heavy hitter with a light counter. No problem eating my bad idea :laughing:

Darwez is in a semi precarious position, it’s only room for a buff beyond No Escape would seem to be stat related. But I wasn’t sure so I didn’t touch it. Any other ideas are welcome for sure of ways to improve it!

Thanks again for your input on these guys, couldn’t put in a thorough response earlier

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And about Nodopatosaurus, I kinda miss Giraffatitan’s Rampage. It’s a really solid Rare, and Nodopatotitan could just be a more well-armoured version, maybe with some Vulnerability added, along with Long Protection.

Of course, a completely different moveset could work too.

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I agree. Like @Goobahfish added it’d be great to have maybe like a Vulnerability+Pinning move. That’d be perfect for something like Rajakylo

The speed control on every tank that exists does get tiresome for sure

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I did actually have it’s Decel Impact replaced with a straight Rampage, but I worried it would be considered over the top with the new Immunity plus the counter

Honestly I’d prefer the rampage over the Decel edit: As long as it’s not considered unbalanced by everyone

Challenge accepted.

So, I’m thinking we could buff Extended crit Strike to guarantee a crit on every turn. Either that, or buff Raja and Rajakylo’s crit chances to 40%.

Then both Rajasaurus and Rajakylo could get a new passive:

Inherent Ferocity: All critical hits dealt by this creature deal 1.75x damage.

How about that?


It could work without Decel Counter.
Did you see my reworks of the Anky family? I’ve actually reworked all of them before.
Ankylosaurs reworked: Poll

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Hm, so all crit hits are Impacts? It’s interesting, but I think the base crit multiplier might be hardcoded. Unless maybe… it was treated as an active buff move. What if it’s critical rate was increased to 30-40%, and Extended Critical Strike was buffed to raise the multiplier like your passive idea? So instead of guaranteeing criticals, now when you get criticals they hit much harder plus a slightly higher chance to get them?

I do remember your anky rework. Didn’t their new basic concept cleanse and critical? It’d be a step up from copy and pasting Supieror variants on every tank, and it could benefit NPtitan, especially if it kept the rampage. It’d separate it more from stegodeus too

Edit: Oh cool thanks for linking it! Blunt Force, awesome name for one. And for 2 it fits excellently on something like Nodotitan, a crit buff, cleanse, and vulnerability would actually give its turn 2 rampage the teeth it’s deserves.

Hmm. It’s less neat that simply buffing all crits from the target dino, but I see what you mean. The thing is, I kinda wanted all crits, even without the buff to deal extra, so even if Rajakylosaurus gets Nullified it has a 40% chance of dealing the high damage, kinda like an unnullifiable buff.

It Cleansed Distraction, increased crit chance and inflicted Vulnerability the next turn. That would allow both Ankys to spam the move, since they can’t really do anything else.

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I see what you’re saying now, a piece of it that couldn’t be countered. Hey if it’s possible in the game engine, I say it’s a great idea. Rajakylo would be more of a bully if it’s capable of having what is basically impacts with every strike and counter and that sounds good to me. Besides it’s sluggish speed I think edging it into becoming a better bruiser would get more people to use it which is the real goal for all these poor legendary genetic monsters.

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About Meg, I’d suggest giving It kapro’s swap in definite strike. I think It would help a lot. I think perhaps giving It that damage + ferocious impact + DSR is a bit overboard and in the end may not be as useful on a counter attacker as It is on gorgosuchus since it’s too slow for that role. Currently Meg seems to try doing both parents’ niches but doesn’t succed in neither. If you were to go the chomper/revenge killer route It needs to be at least as fast as gorgosuchus. If not i think It should focus more on the counter attacker side. For that i would go with a bit more bulk(about 4650 hp since It has no armor), same moves, but trade the AP counter for megalosaurus’ decelerating counter and add swap in definite strike. I think that rework would work for It, what do you think?


Poor Carboceratops, it had more attack and far more health.

Everyone complained about it in tournaments so now it must sit in misery.

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I would suggest that ankytro inherit superior vulnerability from anky to help deal with distractors and control speed. Maybe long protection instead of thagomizer?

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The first question we must ask ourselves is whether the legendary should be relevant and I think not.

The idea of ​​the game was to evolve towards the uniques. I abandoned my beloved Spinotaschus, stegodeus, Tryo, tragodistis etc as a step in the evolution of the game, in the same way that I had previously abandoned Gorgosuchus (without a doubt, the creature I have enjoyed the most in this game) or stegoceratops and before these the postimetrodon, einasuchus or majundasuchus.

The idea once almost everyone has many uniques should be to get increasingly powerful uniques or even the superuniques that I have been waiting for a long time.

But it seems that now the idea is the opposite. Ludia seems to be saying:

  • Abandon the unique, don’t be silly !!
  • Create teams with only legendary and epic to compete in the arena and in championships.
  • To help you, we will create less and less strong and very difficult to achieve (testacornibus, monolorhino), uniques and more and more epic and legendary, more powerful and some easy to create without effort (Yoshi or Indo2).

For me it is very sad to see in the alliance how most people, intelligently according to this way of seeing the game, abandons the creation of uniques to create legendary and epic. For me this turns the game into something absurd. Those of us who remain faithful to the origins of the game fighting to create increasingly powerful uniques, we see how we are getting worse treated both in the normal arena and especially in the championships. I suppose the smart thing is to do like them and forget about mammolania, testacornibus, etc. and focus on creating epic and legendary, but does this have logic as a game? Will Ludia still favor this all the time or will she ever go back to the original idea of ​​the game? As I always say, this game NEEDS CLEAR RULES:

So… I think a few outliers is a good thing. Suchotator is a prime example of a dino which is effectively OP but no-one seems to care too much.

What is really irritating is when some clearly OP Legendaries and Epics are left untouched and many subpar Legendaries and Epics are untouched (or occasionally randomly nerfed).

I agree with the premise (perhaps not the implementation).

I think there is definitely room for a passive which increases base Crit damage (maybe just back to +50% rather than 75). Raja is a prime candidate for such a buff. Even so, Extended Critical Strike is still a terribad move (other than cooler animations) because Ferocious Strike does the same thing and doesn’t rely on crits AND can also crit (i.e. 150% or 225% damage).

Likewise there should be a ‘cannot be crit’ passive (looking at you Ankylosaurs).


So I think leaving it as 1x Decellerating Counter is probably the more distinctive change (of course that places it in the company of Dsungaia).

Therein lies the problem. What does this dino do that Dsungaia doesn’t?

So Dsungaia is faster with better damage, has Shielded Decell, Ferocious, Thagomizer and Regeneration…

Meg is tougher (no armour). Has Defense Shattering and Definite. It’s basically thoroughly underwhelming.

An interesting rework might be:

Cleansing Rampage <= New Move
Defense Shattering Rampage

Decellerating Counter

It would work a bit more like a Gorgosuchus, but would rely on the opponent hitting it to set itself up and would never achieve the same damage levels on the main hit, but would do so with the counter.

Damage ~1000?

That would give it…
1000 + 1500 (Ferocious) + 3000 (Cleansing or DSR) vs a faster enemy.

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I think they should implement this anti crit passive to something like magna, so that it can flawlessly beat tryko (granted it has the same boost build)

I like your ideas especially the one for Rajakylo love to see him get those moves

I really like this version actually, maybe something like 1040-1070 damage for some variable numbers in matchups. I’d be fine with it’s glancing similarity to dsungaia since I still feel they work well in separate roles.

Why you will buff the other legendaries?
If you do this you have problems that some are better than uniques. A diora has Made of rajakylo for example.

For me it is the wrong way. Then they should nerf these op creature. An indo gen 2 is better than the most uniques. Same with procerato! Its the better way to nerf 5 dino instead to boost 15!

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