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Rebuild PvP

Dear Ludia,

as D1-Player it’s been a long road so far. Pvp has always been a pool of frustration and it seems you don’t care about that fact or aren’t capable of building up an almost stressfree pvp-mode.

Let me call out the good things first: After a long time period you’ve managed to get at least rid of that “one ultra-super-duper-meta breaking” creature (like it was Stegod, Indo, etc) there ever was.
There’s a pool of even creature and a range of different creatures you can use.
The next point I want to mark out is getting boosts out of incs is a motivating source to keep on going to battle again and again.

That’s it about the positive things I can mention.
The Rng-part just overwhelms everything in this game. Talking about stuns, crits, team set-up and so on.

I know you can’t completely remove that part of the game, but I would really like to encourage you to reduce it to a minimum. I’m convinced arena’s not getting boring because those “lucky punches” were removed…
At a certain point in arena it’s just about whose creature is more lucky on those crits/which resistance is working.

Introduce a feature like this:
Remove crits completely from the game…except for the fierce-class. Every big chomper should got a critical impact attack.

Matchmaking was always one of the biggest problems. With your last change regarding Shores you’ve managed to bring up a demotivation for high gyro/lower shores players to actually stay up there.
Battling top10/top50 players, when you’re trophy count hits the magical point of 6009…
Not every player which reaches that mark got everything in his team maxed out. No fun for the lower one, no challenge for the top player in this match-up.

I know there’s still a chance to win that battle for the lower one (when RNG decides), but a pointless match imo.

Feel free to let me know what your toughts are.