Rebuild the Sexy Pterovexus

Ptero has been introduced to the arena for more than six months. But seldom players are using them. These birds look cool, however players don’t like them. Why?? Because they are too weak, in terms of HP, Attack and even Moveset.

Among the ptero, Pterovexus is the most sexiest one. Many people love how she looks. But this beautiful creature doesn’t pay back to her lovers. When they use her in the arena, they lose most of the battles with the sexy bird in the final four-dino team.

Pterovexus is made of two epics, about 35,000 dnas of each. She is difficult to obtain, and she is so expensive to obtain! In my eyes, I value her as precious as Diorajasaur, which is also made of two epics. Diora is lucky enough to get his current position after the recent buff and has became a true Godzilla! Many Diora users love him and praise developers for making such a great job. So I have my idea for developers to consider rebuilding our sexy Ptero Queen in order to make her dazzling! Here is my proposed Stat and Moveset:

Rebuild the Sexy Pterovexus

Stat at Level 30:

HP 3829 (from original Darwin before nerfed)

Attack 1580 (from the Monomimus)

Speed: 129

Moveset Option 1:

Nullifying Strike 1X

Lethal Wound 1X (cooldown 2)

Distracting Impact: 1.5X (cooldown 2)

Swoop: 0.2 HP x 3 (cooldown 2, delay 1)

Swap in Evasion: 3 turns

Lock up 1 turn


Moveset Option 2:

Pinning Strike 1X

Nullifying Strike 1X

Impact and run away 1.5X (delay 1) (from Gallimimus)

Distracting Impact: 1.5X (cooldown 2)

Swap in Wounding Evasion: 2 turns (0.25 HP x 2, Evasion for 2 turns)

Lock up 1 turn



How about
Evasive strike
Distracting Rampage
Nulifying impact
Lethal swoop

Swap in evasion

Health 3000
Attack 1450
And the rest stay the same

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How about that: Change 3 turn 50% evasion to 2 turn 100%, rest stays the same.

Would be a pretty decent Thor counter!


hp 3000?? it shouldn’t have been classified as unique then. distraction as second move, is a self destroying design

It should have swap in long dodge or have atk up to at least to 1400 being a fast dinosaur.

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What about:
3000 hp
1400 damage
129 speed
evasive strike or distraction(new basic strike in 1.7, distracts for 1 turn)
distracting impact
definitive rampage(darwin has dsi and mono has null so…)
lethal swoop
swap in dodge or swap in long dodge( though i liked your swap in wounding evasion. And the current ability is not bad too, but I don’t know, it feels unreliable)
That way it can distract first turn and survive to run away leaving a nasty bleed or to deliver a massive blow on turn 2. Since the moves are perhaps OP the hp is low, so it’s balanced. With the swap in dodge the survival is way more likely. It obvoiously needs an attack buff, but otherwise the stats are ok.

do u know how much damage Dracorex g2 SIA, Purutaurus and Diorajasaur definite counter, Utasino critical impact, etc can make?

3000 hp is not feasible for a unique, why you guys always just shout a number 3000? do you ever use Pterovexus in actual battle before?? Magna’s HP was 3600 (now 4376 with distractive impact as first move), and no one use it. Not to say the poor 3000 HP…

Even in common tourney, no one use Dimorphodon, which has HP 3646… In Unique tourney, can u understand 3000 HP is just half of one bite?? Both has HP 3646, two shot damage of Erlidominus is 5472, while two shot damage of Pterovexus is 3684. Don’t u think the design has some kind of imbalance there? Also making a Pterovexus is much more difficult than an Erlidominus. Pterovexus should be more powerful than Erlidominus. Just like current version of Diora is rival to Tryko, Pterovexus should have a substantially huge buff!!!


Maybe add new ability passive evasive :v

Thing is though, the 3000 HP kinda makes sense

Yeah, 2000 is enough

Look, I really like Vexus, I really do, but you have to think about what the creature is and its uses. Let’s break this down then. As you know, Monomimus’ use is a glass cannon who needs to dodge in order to survive. When mixed with its distract ability it can (supposedly) survive for longer and it’s nulifying moves help it get a hit on other creatures with dodge moves. As we know though, Monomimus’kit just doesn’t work. It is now too slow, can’t deal enough damage. It will still die despite all the moves that are supposed to slow it’s death down. For Darwin, to put it simply it is a frail little bird who bleeds and can’t survive long enough to swoop away. Now, by no means do I want Vexus to be like this. We have to extremely frail creatures so it is extremely unrealistic for Pteravexus to have +3300 health, even that is pushing it
If pteravexus had evasive strike, if could deal damage and get a 50% dodge. Evasive stance or long dodge sounds better, but for Vexus to survive, it needs to have a distract and also nulifying move. So Distracting impact/rampage would help Vexus a lot. Dodge on t1 then distract isn’t a bad strategy. Lethal wound does sound like a great idea, but it’s whole point is to get out ASAP with swoop and anyway, it suits it’s play style. Pteravexus wasn’t made to be a crazy team destroyer, no but a tactical wounder with a different play style to Stgydaryx. Don’t care if it has Sia dodge or evasion either work.
So now
Health 3000
Attack 1400
Speed 129
crit 10
Armour 0%

Then take into account the dodge you can get from swapping in, then using evasive strike, hitting it with a rampage and swapping out. How does that sound frail to you. It’s no Thor but still, that would be high Apex

Well I see your point there, and I kinda agree. Still, I wouldn’t give it more than 3300 hp. The reason is, it’s supposed to be a glass cannon, but right now it just doesn’t hit hard enough, it’s damage is quite pathetic for a unique and for what it’s supposed to do. Monomimus after the first nerf was still much better. While I agree that 3000 hp is low, if a creature has dodge and distract, than it’s enough. Take utasino for exemple, it only has 3000 hp, but with distract it is one of the best Thor counters. But the reason I’m being conservative with the Hp is because if it gets a buff, I don’t want it to be nerfed again because everyone will complain that it’s too OP, I mean, look at Magna, everyone cried for it to get a buff and now some want a nerf and I don’t want that XD

I am talking about level 30. Aren’t u?

No, I was talking about it having 3000 at 26 which is 3600 at level 30

3829 at level 30, equilavent to 3148 at level 26. not 3300, just a small 5% buff

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Tbh, that’s perfect really

Yeah I was talking about lv 26 too, since it’s what they use on the patch notes, friendlies, tournaments, etc. If it’s lv 30 then it’s a perfectly reasonable buff :slight_smile: