Receiving Extra Daily Common Scents

I have a bug, or a glitch, or something where I am receiving more scents than my daily allowance when spinning supply drops. I seem to be getting 2 scents a day, even when it says I can only have 1 a day. Has anyone else noticed this?

It happens pretty much every day, it shows that I’ve reached my daily limit of scents (1/1), but then it randomly gives me another one later. A couple of weeks ago I also received a small common scent, AND a large rare scent at the same time from one supply drop. I just thought it was something to do with the Halloween event, however when I mentioned it in the Metahub discord I was laughed at and told I was confused. Except that it really happened, and it’s really happening that I’m getting 2 small common scents a day from supply drops. Most odd, but I’m certainly not complaining.

In fact you can receive 2 scents per day, by spinning stops. One from the normal, orange stops and one from the green eventstops.


Is that a fact? I didn’t know. Awesome!

However that doesn’t answer the question about why I received 2 scents (a common AND rare) at the same time from the same stop.