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Recent balance issues

Just some feedback on recent issues that make PvP incredibly unfun and a chore to play.

Procerathomimus is stupidly strong:
+high attack
+high speed
+access to dodge
+access to distraction

Normally something like this (eg smilodon) you just hit with a slow, distraction or force it out with a DOT. You can do none of this with Procerathomimus meaning it cannot be countered, this massively sucks the fun out of PvP.

The second issue is the three “swap in stunning strike ceraptops”

The amount of battles I have been hit with:

Ceratops swap in stunning strike
Dig in
Ceratops swap in stunning strike
Dig in

Normally you stop swap spam with lockdown moves however Dig in cleanses so removes lockdown rendering it useless. Creatures with immunity are usually low health and slower so can’t stand up to the spam for long (and aren’t guaranteed picks). This play style while effective is incredibly dull and sucks any form of fun from PvP.

My suggestions to remedy this:

Procerathomimus’s Imunity to slow and/or distraction is removed
Dig in no longer cleanses and doesn’t provide a speed boost

Then there’s Cautious Strike, which does weirder things than Dig In.

Cleanses everything
Speeds up

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yup indoraptor gen2 is without any doubt the strongest creature of the meta,it need something as a counterpart

Use a creature that speeds its own speed up and you’ll have the advantage next move. Also, you know when they can use which strike. Swap to an already injured creature before it does it’s rampage, or an immune one… it’s a bit of a struggle but it can be done. Rather come across 100 Christmas chickens than in and out swapping DC’s.

As for the stunning tanks, a defence shattering creature (immune) will do the trick but again, you’ll have to time it right. Good luck :wink:

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Outside of this tournament, maybe Erlidom, who can speed itself up, deliver a hit, not be affected by the distract. But against legendaries, I can’t figure out what to do with it, I slow it down but all slowers have too little attack to put a dent in it. And it just cleanses itself anyway. And then there’s its precise shattering rampage too. Sure I can survive 1st hit, but 2nd is guaranteed win for IndoG2.

To have an epic that’s as strong and resilient as Yoshi is just ridiculous and if it doesn’t get nerfed soon it’ll soon be as annoying as the rat was in previous metas. Not a single person that I know of could understand why it was given a health boost as immunity and 2 distract moves including a rampage plus nullifying and evasive is just so op it beggars belief.

As for Indoraptor gen2 I cant help but wonder why there was a need to come up with such crazy moves that make a legendary version of a Dino way better than its unique original. Not a single person would bat an eyelid if Indo gen2 was an apex too tier unique, but no, it’s a legendary that’s so easy to make that pretty much all of our alliance had it at a good level within days of its release!

Why do Ludia do this?
Grinding to get uniques seems utterly pointless these days. So why bother?

Just stick a few epics and legendaries in your team and 50% of the current pvp will favour you big time. Go up against uniques and you’re even more likely to win as Yoshi, the rat, Indominus gen 2 and Indoraptor gen2 can rinse the majority of the supposed end game dinos.

Be prepared for things to be way worse when the boosts revamp comes too. All of the dinos I just mentioned will be easy to get to high levels, so they will be heavily boosted as boosts applied relate to the level of your Dino. Level 30 Yoshi and level 30 Rat will run riot with both the new Indo gen2’s not far behind .

Meanwhile Tuora and a cacophony of other uniques will stay on the bench even longer as epics and legendaries race past them.

But we will have to remember, Ludia listens to the players - I just don’t remember any players asking for Yoshi, the rat, or both the Indo gen2’s to be so op, do you?

If Indo G2 could be stunned or at least distracted, then that definite rampage wouldn’t be as bad. I just can’t find anything to counter it among legendaries. Not even Christmas Chicken can do anything to it, as it will outspeed Chicken the moment it uses cautious strike.

It’s very strong for an epic Hybrid. A couple of months ago it managed (before stat boost and evasion nerf) to kill my Indoraptor and Tryko. it had some insane amount of RNG (all dodges)
It’s also like DC easy to get hybrid and to level up.

Still happy though I don’t see it that often in arena, but I think its more because people don’t want to invest coins and boost on that dinosaur.

I haven’t got anything concrete to deal with it other than a DC swap in. Carnotarkus does ok and can usually lower its health a good bit where something else can finish it off. If you’re lucky with crits and dodge rng, she can kill it. Believe it or not, Carbo can actually can beat an indo g2. It’s kinda scary.
I’m basing my findings off of the tournament, so these two options may not be viable in the actual arena.

So I could replace my Tyrannolopho with Carbo then (if you mean the turtle though, not the Carboceratops). I don’t want to use DC, can’t afford Indo g2, I wish I had a phorusaura, I can never beat a team that has one.

Either carmbonemys or carboceratops. Both are very effective, and can even take out proceratho with a bit of work.

I’ll try turtle out, thanks.
Edit: LOL turtle is a threat to Indo G2 and Phorusaura same time. And can kill DC if it survives long enough.

In friendly battles between my two accounts, I absolutely could not win with a team of “dig in” creatures, how ever I tried to use them, even with the swap spam. I even lost 0-3 to myself. I tried some different things like doing an attack before swapping but just could not steal a win with the dig-in team.

The turtle’s probably the only thing where Dig In really helps. It increases its speed, shields it even further, heals hp, and then the turtle can unleash Devastation. It killed a Dracoceratops that failed to swap in kill it.