Recent buffs/nerfs reverted


Just had a 140mb update. Looks like the recent buffs and nerfs have officially been reverted. Monomimus’s slight health/damage buff is gone, Gallimimus’s speed buff is gone, and Diloranosaurus’s health/damage nerf are no longer. Get Dilorano back on those teams!


Dilorano life ever was the same but ty for give me my 200+ dmg he was pretty useles xd


i dont see any changes yet


Dilogod is back!!!202020


Yay my dilo is back !!!


Maybe close and re-open the app? As soon as I did that, my game started an update and the changes were implemented.


The wounding impacts look changed to dot based on attack not opponents hp.

I thought the idea was to make the action match the text. Not change text.


spinotasuchus is back to normal too


So ludia stop balancing and nerfing things who dont need, instead nerf stegodeus dmg and i have one at 27 near 28(only 200 dna left) but this thing is so op xd


no way i just levelled mine :frowning:


Stegadeus is the only thing that can handle trykosaurus that all the cheaters have. Leave it alone


No, in fact trykosaurus eat stegodeus easy, i use tryoxtronic and indoraptor for a chance to beat tryko xd


Ok, seriously, there are too much changes recently. Sometimes changes are necessary, yes, but within boundaries. I think stat changes should be kept within a 10% limit.


Dilo is a monster!!! Thank you Ludia.


What changes were made to Monomimus btw? I didn’t notice :sweat_smile:


She had received a slight health and damage buff. I’m not sure how much health, but her damage was brought up slightly to match monostegatops.


Well that’s a pity. But at least she’s still good. The Dilorano nerf made me abandon my plan to get her for my team. Now I’ll reconsider ^^ But in my opinion Dilorano could really use a nullifying attack (Progenitor Dilophosaurus has it after all). For that a 10% Attack nerf would be appropriate.


If anything needs a buff, it’s Sarcorixis. That poor beast needs to be as threatening as it looks.

As it stands, it’s just got an intimidation factor thing going for it. Other than that, it’s just a mashup of the Sarco and Einiosuchus, ability-wise. Nothing special.


Ludia has stated before that they were changing the wording back to what it was then on the next big update they were going to change the move and wording to the 1/3 of original hp damage per turn.