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Recent Bug Fixes

According to Support, the 1 cutom trade bug for VIPs is supposed to be fixed. That didn’t stop me from getting hit with it today (one week since the last time), however. Hopefully, the rest of you are having better luck.

While playing on my son’s account which is on a iPad, I had the low battery warning come on twice (10 & 5%). Normally on the iPad, this kicks me out of any PVP battle. Not today. I was able to keep playing both times. That is a very welcome change. So, thank you very much for that Ludia Support.

Anyone else notice anything?

I got hit again with the custom trade bug. I’m currently VIP and only got one trade and it didn’t display the trade was available just an hour glass symbol even the 24 hr wait time was over.

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That’s what happened to me Saturday

I got hit with with vip trade bug today too. second time in a week

That happened to me two times on a row.

Last evening I got my 3 custom trades, I saved them to use for the daily mission. Today when I logged in I could do one although the game stated 0 but with no timer. The timer was reset to 24h!


I got zero trades today. :confounded:

Happened again today. Went in and it showed 3 trades, then it crashed as I was doing my 3 trade refreshes. Upon reopening, I was able to do one Custom Trade…weird thing is the tab at the top showed the hourglass like I had already used all my custom trades. Was able to do one though.

Again today, same way show 0 but there is one then reset yo 24h. Not so much a bug fix as a bug multiplier…

Zero trades today. I am putting in a ticket. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes make sure you are putting in a ticket and responding to the same ticket if it is happening multiple times, try to not create multiple tickets if possible otherwise you will keep resetting the timer of what they are responding to. So report it and then start saving additional instances so when they respond to the initial ticket you can at that time add in the additional instances of the issue and then if you continue to have problems continue to respond to the initial ticket if possible.


I’ve also encountered this bug as a VIP - make sure you do all three trades in one session and it should allow you to use all three. I find if I exit the game after one trade and re-enter the game, my remaining two trades are not available.