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Recent new shield changes messed up my team. Do we get boost resets?

Recently, some changes were done to the shields. I built my team to counter those shield issues as well as take advantage of them. Although, I like the changes because it requires less thinking and it seems more straightforward, I had built my team and invested my boost based on the previous environment and now I feel at a huge disadvantage.

In a non boost environment world, I could adjust with plug and play of other creatures. With no viable boost reset, my team feels dead in the water,

I understand the change and why it is warranted, but please do better play testing and quit making these mistakes.
It is asking too much from the player base to constantly predict what will be nerfed, because of playtesting errors/miscalculations.


Especially since they told us recently before the new change that the shields were working as intend.


Thats what got me.
I figured I was being smart and playing it safe waiting for the clarification that it was in fact intentional before pulling the trigger.
Didn’t even get a season out of my team. LOL


Kinda wish people would stop asking for boost resets, because so far every time it’s happened the boosts we’ve been given back are way less than what we actually had.

I don’t seem to have that problem. If you were given a full reset from the last update, and you did not get everything back, contact the customer service. Many people before boost resets, screen shot all their creatures with boost, just in case.


Yes please, many if us made choices based on what we were told was the way these abilities were working then they changed. This more then warrants a reset


Yes please. This isn’t a case where we’ve made stupid boost decisions like boosting Christmas Chickens again. This is us boosting based on Ludia’s reassurance that everything is working as intended and then Ludia changing the rules shortly after.


Yep, I too waited until they said something. The lesson here I guess is to never trust what Ludia says. I should have known better…