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Recent opponents list not showing all of them

I battle (not very often nowadays) in Lockwood Estate, with an unboosted team. Recently I’ve noticed that when I lose a 20 point battle or win a 40 point one my opponent never shows in my recent opponents list. The only time they show up seems to be when matchmaking has been fair and the win/lose score has been around the 30 mark, which is not very often ! How come the game is hiding so many opponents profiles from me ???

I just want a fair fight, even if it’s against AI, then at least I could get daily battle incubators to help my alliance.

social tab is the jwa bigger pack of bugs, since released.

but bug fix team doesn’t care.

20 lose 40 win point is a bot. Lockwood Estate has bots that pop up every time you lose twice in a row to real opponents. It uses highly boosted teams of unusual critters. They do not show up, and they have combinations of names such as girlwhoeatblood or R.O.B. bullneck or something.