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Recent Rise in Rage Quitting?

In addition to seeing a new rise in the use of the rat, I am seeing a lot more players quit when they lose their first dino - often, it is their beloved Thor or Income Raptor. Anyone else noticing this trend? Had 3 battles today (out of 6) where they quit when they lost their first dino. Based on what trotted out afterward they had a good chance of winning too. Had a couple like this yesterday too.

Has the arena just become such a grind-fest they figure it is not worth playing if they cannot win that first battle? Anyone else seeing this?

haven’t battled all week, so i can’t really say. but if it is true as you say, seems like some were used to sweeping through things with a single dino.


I can understand a new rise of DC since swap in savagery is still a strong move (Maybe stronger than swap in rampage depending on what position you are in) Infact, I would use DC in legendary tourneys just to counter Entelomoth and I can understand a new rise of DC in the tourneys too after the Phora and Smiloceph nerf.

I’ve noticed it. Often with their Indoraptor2 or their Yoshi. KO them and that’s it - they’ll leave immediately after.

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It’s cause crutches, if that happen you immediately know that’s what it is.

I rather enjoy seeing them rage quit. I call it karma


I immensely enjoy causing rage on any opponent who uses boosted Thors or the rat.


I’ve heard of opponents quitting after losing a certain dino a few times before, but I’ve never actually experienced it myself. I suppose that might be because I’ve never been a boosted player though, so my opponents probably don’t expect my undrawn dinos to be very powerful.

Actually, now that I think about it, you’d expect me to have some super-crutch (es) from the rest of my dinos being unboosted, but maybe they think I mightn’t have drawn it or something. Whatever the reason, I haven’t experienced rage-quitting.

It’s usually when you take out their crutch dino (usually a hyper-booted Thor or Procerat).

Just goes to show that a lot of people who rely on crutch dinos have a poor mentality; if they can’t get their easy win they just throw their toys out of the pram and quit.
(probably the same folks who thumbs up emoji when they beat you)


I immediately quit when opponent throws and overboosted, overleveled (hard to create haha) Indo G2 and he crits on DSR, killing Ardmax or Gemini which are my only true counters for this op monster

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Never got the idea of rage quitting.

Maybe because I dun use crutching. At least not seriously. Have done it for totally troll and research reasons.

I always assume I can beat their next creature until I lose. Though the RNG and just sheer volume of battles does make me rage.

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Talking of hard to create Indo gen 2, my baby account faced Indo gen 2 twice in a row in nublar jungle


Dracoceratops is definitely making a resurgence for some reason. I have noticed that some opponents seem to give up and let the battle rounds time out. I assumed it was them losing connection because it isn’t always when they are losing.

I guess rage quitting often is a result of previews matches. Not sure why but the amount of people dropping seems to have increased massively. If you lost 5 matches before, you are more likely to give up, when your first dino gets oneshotted, even though you could possibly fight back.

And I mean, when I face a player that has maxed out dinosaurs I will just close the app. Not much to do with rage, but with better use of my time.


With the amount of bugs and connection errors I can never know if my opponent rage-quit or their game crashed or the connection dropped. Netcode for the tournament matches is worse somehow, I lost count of the times I had to restart the app in the middle of a match to be able to swap and select skills again (otherwise the game auto-plays default skill). Perhaps in a couple of years this bug will be fixed.


I ragequit at least once a day lol. Hate this game rn


People say that this thing is still balanced bc it’s “hard to create” but Ludia has been dishing out its ingredients for months now. So this thing needs a hard nerf. I’m sick of it


Tbf, I don’t see anything wrong with the rage quitting as staying in the match you have no chance of winning is a complete waste of time. Fighting dinos that are boosted and maxed with your unique one that you barely made to level 21- 22 is mission impossible and frustrating at times. I only battle to help my team in tasks, I really wish there was “give up button”, it would save time. Dinos with boosts should have an arena on their own, where folk with them can compete against each other interested in “bigger, faster” . Maybe if there are two types of arenas- there would not be so frustration in the battle aspect of the game.


So that is what has been happening? Like another commenter said, I’ve always thought that they lost signal or something. The battles became a timer grind whenever it happens.

“The more you know!” :dizzy:

Absolutely agree.

I used to bore quit. If I came up against something that was boosted to the skies I just couldn’t be bothered letting it wind me up, so shut the app. Might be similar?

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