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Recent Temporary Ban

I recently got a 24 hour ban put on my account. I don’t know how to cheat, let alone ‘spoof’ or ‘hack’ Warriors of Waterdeep. So I am not only angry with Ludia for not properly sorting the issue by now, but I am also confused and concerned. My ban came after a PvP match I won…

I contacted support, only to have them tell me I had indeed somehow cheated, hacked or spoofed. What?? The message finished “we will not discuss this further”. Oh yes, oh yes you will.

I use a VPN service, perhaps that was the issue? Either way I need to ask that the matter be looked into further as I have done nothing wrong and find this to be a very unacceptable method of controlling game play abuse. If you want a successful game, and players to gather data and analytics off of, please improve.

I once had PayPal freeze my account (with plenty of money in it) and say you have no right of response

Didn’t even give me a reason

Got the ombudsman onto them :wink:

Due to this incident with Ludia the game client has now been deleted from my device. I even bought into the system and supported the game, but no response here, or to my follow-up with Support earlier; falsely accusing someone of cheating etc., without further investigation, is just inexcusably bad policy and/or procedure. In this day of doing business, no company deserves support where these kinds of practices go on.