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Recently added changes at Pachygalosaurus and Cerazinosaur

A few days ago , while I was playing at the PvP I faced a level 10 Pachygalosuarus. When I saw it I noticed some difference at her head .Although I do not have Pachygalosuarus, I have seen some videos about her . I thought that I didn’t saw it very well , but today I saw this at a video :

The most known previous appearance was very different. To be honest it looked like an alien dinosaur :

I also have noticed a slight change at Cerazinosaur eyes . This exists for a bigger period of time but still it is new .

Ludia has changed various times some creatures appearances (at the first years for example Argentinosaur and Stegosaur were changed) . I personally love these newly added changes , they look way better now . I also think that there are other creatures that need a change too .

Don’t see the difference in the Pachy. Then again i’m terrible at spotting differences.
Anyway, that thing still has too much health. I hate facing up against it, as it eats all my saved points.

Pachygalosaurus now has a less tumid head with shorter length .

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Here are a couple of pictures of each one I’m also not good at difference in pictures

@Lora_Green isn’t it obvious ?

Great comparison and I can definitely see the difference